Alchemical Dialectics

"The Origins of the Specious"

Specious - [Middle English, 15th century, from Latin speciosus: beautiful, plausible] 1. obsolete:
showy; 2. having deceptive attraction or allure; 3. having a false look of truth or genuineness: sophistic.

Sophistic - from the Sophists [Greek: sophistes, literaly expert, or wise man; from sophizesthai, to become wise, deceive; from sophos, clever, wise] the 5th century BCE ancient Greeek teachers of rhetoric and philosophers of the art of successful living, known for their adroit, subtle, and allegedly
often specious reasoning. Sophist - a philosopher or thinker; a captious or fallacious reasoner.

Sophisticate - 1. To alter deceptively; 2. To deprive of genuineness, naturalness, or simplicity, esp
to deprive of naivty and make worldly wise: disillusion; 3. to make complicated or complex, thus to
make highly developed. Sophisticated - 1. worldly wise, knowing; 2. finely experienced and aware;
3. intellectually appealing. To be sophisticated implies refinement, urbanity, cleverness, and cultivation.


by Johnes Ruta :
PSYCHLES OF TIME : The Nagging Question of Cyclic vs. Apocalyptic Time [a table]

PSYCHLES OF TIME : Original Thought vs. Original Sin [essay]

Schizophrenia, Archetypes, and Communication

by Rita Atkins :
hysics is Only a Likely Story: Being Some Comments on Plato's Timaeus
Natural Science IV Lecture, Shimer College; Mount Carroll, Illinois; Spring 1969.

by Carl Pfluger :

God vs. the Flying Saucers

Prophecy, Memory, Millennium:
a "pagan" Appeal for a more "secular" History



Historical Manuscripts
Cypriani (4th century) -- On the Unity of the Church, On the Dress of Virgins,
On the Lapsed, On the Lord's Prayer

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