Alchemical Dialectics 

The History of Science

A TIMELINE OF MATTER -- essay by Johnes Ruta
A History of Ancient South Asian, Near Eastern, and Pre-Socratic
Theories of Matter, the Elements, and the Atom.

The Ancient & Medieval theory of the equilibrium of the HUMOURS after Hippocrates & Galen


Quark Theory: Neutrinos, Strange Particles & Charmed Particles
- the audio portion of a PBS documentary (1977) with interviews with
Richard Feynmann, Murray Gell-Mann, Abdus Salam, Steve Weinberg,
and Stephen Hawking
Part 1 -- 52 minutes 21 seconds
Part 2 -- 40 minutes 27 seconds

The Harmony of the Spheres

Babylonian Mathematics


Legends of the Zoroastrian MAGI

Early Greek Astronomy & the Solar System

Pythagoras' Theorem in Babylonian Mathematics

The Eleatic School of Parmenides:
Zeno and the Paradox of Motion


Sir Francis Bacon: 'New Atlantis: A Worke Unfinished'
Prefixed : `This fable my Lord devised, a college instituted for the interpreting of nature
and the producing of great and marvellous works for the benefit of men, under the name
of "the College of the Six Days' Works."

(Cooper Union archive text)

Robert Boyle, Esq. (1661) "THE SCEPTICAL CHYMIST
or Chymico-Physical Doubts & Paradoxes, Touching the SPAYGIRISTS'
PRINCIPLES Commonly Called HYPOSTATICAL, as they are wont to be
Propos'd & Defended by the Generality of ALCHYMISTS"

THE SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION of the 17th & 18th centuries
-- The Westfall Catalog, Scientific Community. Dr. Robert A. Hatch,
University of Florida

A Chemistry Dictionary (at Environmental

The Periodic Table of the Elements


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