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  • -- "Immigration scenes. Musicians. A glass of mint tea. Women with long dresses. Bare feet. An airplane in flames. The taste of ashes. Boats in the ocean. Earth and sky. Clouds and mountains. Flowering trees. Solitude. Young brides. A burning heart. Houses. The remains of ancient civilizations. Space and time. A crowd of characters. Political and social contradictions. Tragedies and hopes. Dreams and realities. Emotions, intuitions and perceptions. These are the elements that inspire, shape, and guide my artistic work." Master Printmaker Fethi Meghelli was born in Oran, Algeria. He received his M.F.A. National School of Fine Arts, Paris, France where he was awarded a five-year fellowship by the Ministry of Culture of France. He received his B.A. at the Nation School of Fine Arts, Algiers, Algeria.

  • -- Add-a-Line, Inc.: Picture story-board books by New Haven artist Joe Fekieta, (formerly known as "Joey Tomorrow"): "The Perils of Togetherness" and "The Bricks of Love", depicting the problems and issues of modern relationships, marriage, and being. Website construction: HTML, Javascript.

  • Retail website of fashion designer Dominic Pangborn:
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    Pangborn Designer Distinctive Neckware - Wholesale distribution

  • Dana Naumann, a successful lead-sculptor, and former marketing executive for Westinghouse and IBM. His wife and he share a small former-church building in CT which they have converted into a couture-fashion boutique, and art gallery, with his sculpture studio in its basement. Website construction: iPower Webbuilder product.

    Gus Moran artworks: Mixed Media on Paper, Sculptures, Oil Paintings on Canvas, Botanical Series Gus Moran is a renown international artist from Fairfield, CT. Website construction: HTML, Javascript array display..

  • -- Artworks of painting, sculpture, drawings, objects, and car-designs by a romantic visual poet who is aware that all designs and symbols are inspired by the Natural. Therefore, The concerned is with producing copied images of Nature, but, seeking to find beauty within the concrete; behind the material level. Instinctively and unconsciously the artists seeks the essence of 'universal beauty'- the intrinsic force of all. The true artist is but a person who understands what others only know about. Using materials both Natural and 'man-made,' old and new, discarded/ found or recycled, he discovers their hidden truth. The hidden reality of matter it is always moving/ changing, evolving and becoming anew. Website construction: GoDaddy Webbuilder product.

  • Jeanmarie Conlon, large-scale, Abstract-Expressionist paintings, working with themes of world-peace: Website construction: GoDaddy Webbuilder product.

  • -- Artistic expression for corporate and private collections.
    "Nature is the primary focus of my work -- sometimes the awesome forces of nature, other times the tranquility of nature. I see the environment as forms occupying space. My abstract shapes draw their strength from the firm basis in the natural forms of the landscapes. The artist has the privilege to translate nature's forms into various moods which will affect the inner and spiritual emotions of the viewer." ~ Frieda Howling
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  • -- Pointilist Cosmic Meditative Paintings by artist Sheldon Krevit,
    Santa Fe, NM; Hamden, CT.
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  • -- Norey Agudelo's artwork has brought a significant new trend of painting to the United States from South America. In a 1980 exhibition, at the Government Hall of Valle in Cali, Colombia, Ms. Agudelo introduced a new concept called "El Primimodernismo," as a personal idea based both on her observation of the visionary motifs in Pre-Colombian Indian art, and the styles of Universal Modernism. Incorporating these principles into a theory she describes as "Human Activation Through History," she presents a sympathetic view of the human effects of major international events, such as the 9/11 tragedy. Noriam's art elevates the spiritual sense of destiny and human drama. Website construction: HTML, Javascript.

  • -- Miriam Green Antiquarian & Book Seller. 88 East Main Street, Clinton. CT. Susan Alon, antiquarian, art historian, & owner. Website construction: HTML, Javascript.

  • Maria Louisa Watercolors, New Haven watercolor artist, painting aesthetic neighborhood-scapes, florals, cityscapes of Sicily and Morocco: Website construction: HTML, Javascript.

  • Azoth International Gallery of Art-- contemporary art exhibitions & artist representation. Johnes Ruta, independent curator & art director (1988-2005). Website construction: HTML, Javascript.