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On-Line Business Resume'

POS Desktop Support: Windows XP Pro & 98 and Software Technical Analyst & Troubleshooter.

AS/400 Senior Programmer/Analyst: Supply Chain Management; EDI process; Data Warehousing; On-Line Analytical Process; Statistical Forecasting; Distributive, Manufacturing, and Engineering logistics.Pro-active communication personality. Systems integration, conversions, implementations, & documentation. Skilled writer and researcher: art curator & consultant; former Managing Editor of an arts newspaper.

Business References

Web-Site Development: artist sites; on-line retail & automated order entry management; scholarly forums:

  • --
    • Monthly Art Gallery exhibition archive for the New Haven Free Public Library Art Gallery, Art Director from September, 2005 to August 31, 2015. Formerly Art Director for the York Square Cinema Gallery, 61 Broadway, New Haven, Connecticut, USA, 1988-until its closing 2005. Independent Curator & Art Theorist Johnes Ruta.
    • Scholarly Forum for contributed writings and essays on the History of the Arts, Sciences, and Philosophy.

  • -- Frieda Howling: elder 20th century Abstract-Expressionist artist, FLASH website.
  • -- Wholesale site for Chicago Fashion designer Dominic Pangborn, featuring designer fashion neckties, bowties, and
    men's cravat accessories.
    FLASH website.
  • -- Retail SHOPIFY website for Chicago Fashion designer Dominic Pangborn, featuring designer fashion neckties, bowties, and men's cravat accessories.
  • Fethi - Fethi Meghelli, originally from Oran, received his M.F.A. from National School of Fine Arts, Paris, France, and was awarded a five-year fellowship by the Ministry of Culture of France. He creates landscapes in which all their histories are visible at once, while at the same time giving a personality and shape to what is his own curiosity, outrage, and joy. FLASH website.

  • -- The Paintings of Maria Norey Agudelo de Mejia, the founder of the Primitivist-Modernist trend in Colombia, S.A., 1980, coined "El PrimiMOdernismo" by the Colombian arts community & press. FLASH website.
  • -- Conversion of former Joomla website to WordPress for the Cable Television Advisory Council of New Haven, Hamden, and West Haven, CT, and government mandated agency reporting to the CT Public Utilities Regulation Authority (PURA) with oversight jurisdiction over local cable franchises Comcast and Frontier, and the local Citizens Access Television channels.
  • -- Dana Baldwin Naumann, Branford, CT. creates fanciful and fabulous sculpture, mostly crafted from lead sheets coated with copper or zinc patinas. Naumann's hammered sculptures are studies in texture, soft and warm looking even as metal surfaces, and depict religious, mythic, and archetypal scenes.
  • -- on-line Retail website for internationally known Designer/Artist Wendy Gell, in business since 1975, manufacturer of jewelry, gifts, and designer goods, using automated order management systems, featuring Shopping Cart utilities.
  • -- Miriam Green Antiquarian & Book Seller. 88 East Main Street, Clinton. CT. Susan Alon, antiquarian, art historian, & owner.
  • Donald -- Woodcuts portraying scenes of Classical Mythology:"Mythology offers me a channel to express visually the opposing forces of good and evil, fear and hope, that humanity is all about." Artist Donald Axleroad of Stamford, CT.
  • -- Pointilist Cosmic Meditative Paintings by artist Sheldon Krevit, Santa Fe, NM, and Hamden, CT.
  • -- Add-a-Line, Inc.: Picture story-board books by New Haven artist Joe Fekieta, (formerly known as "Joe Tomorrow"): "The Perils of Togetherness" and "The Bricks of Love", depicting the problems and issues of modern relationships, marriage, and being.
  • -- Joan Tumpson, artist: Narrative Portraits, and Landscapes. Yale School of Law, Class of 1973. As an accomplished Florida attorney, Ms. Tumpson has been able to create a second career in the expression of her highly creative talents and painterly skills. Her "Vietnam Series" depicts the former battlefields of the Vietnam War, that have now regenerated back to the thick jungles of nature, an allegory of Hope..

Business Resume'

Programmer/Analyst: Data Warehousing, Business Rules Analysis, On-Line Analytical Process,
Financial & statistical Forecasting, Distributive, Manufacturing, and Engineering logistics; with expertise in pro-active communication, systems integration, conversions, implementations, and documentation.

Skilled writer and researcher: art curator & consultant: The YORK SQUARE CINEMA GALLERY ; former Managing Editor of arts newspaper.

Software History:
· PROGRESS Relational Database; Test Partner. Advanced Printer Drivers. Ticket Tracking Systems.
· AS/400 Relational Databases: BPCS, PRISM, BCA (Butler-Curlis Associates), MANUGISTICS.
· Windows Client Access, Attachmate, binary conversions. MS Office: Excel, Word, ACCESS database.
· Automated Design utilities: STAR SCHEMA Business data flow; Micrografx Flow Chart.
· DREAMWEAVER MX & 4.0; PHOTOSHOP; HTML Code; JAVA Script, FLASH & Fireworks.

Hardware History: Windows 98 & XP Pro; IBM AS/400, IBM S/36/34; DEC Minis; WANG 2200/VS
Virtual Memory System; Data General ECLIPSE and NOVA III; Burroughs B600 Mainframe.
External & Internal MODEM TROUBLESHOOTING, Dialup & Network Adapters.

Languages: AS/400: RPG/ILE , RPGIII, CL, DDS & Subfiles; TCP/FTP; PDM; COBOL/400; RPGII; SYNON; OPNQRY syntax. PDP/11. MICOS Interactive BASIC. Burroughs 12-base Assembler.



  • Retail Website Design & Development and inventory image management

  • Business Development of retail Markets; Order, Inventory, and distribution logistics Manager.

  • Manufacturing product development, and engineering requirements outsource liaison/coordinator.

  • Sales and Demand Order Entry system enhancement.
  • Costing & Currency conversion for Sales Products and Misc Charges.
  • Profit & Loss Statement procedures and applications.
  • AS/400 automated e-Mail notification, interface with Purchase Order Maintenance.
  • ISO Procedures Auditing Observer, and ISO Audit trainee.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Interface Detail Design to market advanced technology.
  • Order Management distribution database.
  • Supply Chain Planning & Management : Warehouse Inventory & Demand Forecasting Units..


Subway International HQ, Milford, CT Diversified Employment Services, (07/2005 - 06/2008)
POS RETAIL TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT HELP DESK Technical Analyst & Troubleshooter: Franchisee Sales Transmissions; On-line Menu Updates; External & Internal MODEM TROUBLESHOOTING, Modem Initialization Strings. Dialup & Network Adapters. DSL Routers. Ports designations; automated Email. Advanced Printer Drivers. PC Networking. Integrated Major Credit-Card, Gift-Card, & Loyalty Card processing. TCP/IP IP & DNS, LAN. SOFTWARE INSTALLATIONS: SUBSHOP V2005, V2007, V2008, Subway Payment Manager. HOME-OFFICE. REMOTE ACCESS, HYPERACCESS. AliCommLite Communications; PROGRESS Relational Database. Design, Inc. Guilford, CT. (Business Partner and Manager, 1997 to present.)

Retail Website Developer and inventory image management, using DREAMWEAVER 4.0 & PhotoShop 6.0. Business Development of retail Markets and Tele-Markets (QVC, HSI). Order, Inventory, and distribution logistics Manager. Manufacturing product development, and engineering requirements outsource liaison/coordinator.

R.T. Vanderbilt, Inc. East Norwalk, CT. (Permanent position; 08/2000-04/2001, 01/2002-03/2002)
Senior Programmer/Analyst. BCA Platform Sales and Demand process. Order Entry process: Costing & Currency conversion for Sales Products and Misc Charges expense amounts; Combinable Quantities & Weights; Vendor Invoice matching of Estimated Charges; Journal Voucher Register transaction inflow alignment; Profit & Loss Statement. AS/400
e-Mail interface with
Purchase Order Maintenance: Designed & implement Automated
e-Mail Notification of C.S.R.ís whose existing Sales Orderís product availability is affected by changes to P.O. Arrival Date and/or Line Item Quantity. Production Planning Report: Production Facility Product Inventory & Demand manufacturing scheduling. ISO Procedures Auditing observer. (RPGIII, CL, DDS printfiles, subfiles.)

Kodak Polychrome Graphics, Norwalk, CT. (IBM Global Services, contract; 11/1998-04/2000.)
Senior Programmer/Analyst Interface Detail Design for start-up combined venture of Eastman Kodak & Sun Polychrome Chemical Co. to market advanced technology digital-to-graphics Plates, digital-to-film Transfer systems, chemical and film products. Organized & programmed setup of Order Management distribution database and Supply Chain Planning cycle for Warehouse Inventory, Demand Forecasting Units, & Available-to-Promise Qtys, Recommended-M.O.-Shipments and Procurement transactions, interfacing Kodak & Polychrome legacy platform
databases with Manugistics data Replenishment inflow & PRISM database Order Entry Demand & Distribution logistics. Performed "End-To-End IBM Testing" methodology." (TCP/FTP, RPG/ILE, CL, DDS.)

Unilever-Chesebrough Ponds, Trumbull, CT. (Recupido Associates, P/A contract; 07/1998-11/1998)
Development, consolidation, and enhancement of batch job stream for Sales Order & Daily Shipment Transactions, and Nightly Reports of Finished Goods, Stock & Item Balances, Pull Sheets, Skid Movements, and Intransits. Consolidation of Payables Price & Freight Variance Reporting, & Invoice History. Y2K compliance. (RPG/ILE.)

BIC Corporation, Milford, CT. (Recupido Associates, P/A contract; 03/1998-07/1998.)
Systems integration Analyst for acquisition of Sheaffer Pen Company, incorporating Sales History generic
Part Number and numerical Item conversions, Customer/Bill-to/Ship-to hierarchy; utilizing User Defined
Codes tables. Analysis and development of Sales Market Forecasting; Commission Reporting; Rebate Calculation; Y2K compliance; and implementation of source modification tracking. (RPG/ILE, CL, DDS, subfiles.)

Loctite Corporation, Rocky Hill, CT. (Nemeth Martin Associates, contract; 05/1997-03/1998.)
Senior Programmer/Analyst Chemical engineering applications for international producers of advanced industrial and specialty adhesives: For the Quality Engineering Division, personally developed and implemented a World Wide Numbering relational database to 9 sublevels of chemistry formulations, interactive with their BPCS Item environment, data throughput into an INDOC/INQAS database. Built subfile data inflow for offshore subsidiaries: maintenance and inquiries of hierarchical Bulks, Chemical Raw Materials, PreMixes, Stock Solutions, Finished Goods & Kits packaging organization. Developed metrology formulations for weights and measures conversions. Also, personally designed and implemented a Tariff Bill of Materials Subsystem to automate NAFTA Indented-Item Costing for Preference-Criteria calculations & Certificate of Origin reporting. (RPG/ILE, CL, DDS, Subfiles.)

United Distillers/ Guiness, Inc., Stamford, CT. (Howard Systems, contract; 02/1997-05/1997.)
Senior Programmer/Analyst BPCS Inventory Depletion System: On Line Analytical Process (OLAP) data warehousing to extract and correlate Customer and Product information with incoming Beverage Data Network input. Updated account history to generate a Comprehensive Fact Table for on-line COGNOS analysis, itemized by element accounting categories. Implemented realignment processes to multi-record-type system status and history BPCS files. Implemented BPCS system feed from history to Sales Performance Management. (RPG/ILE, CL.)

Boehringer Ingelheim, Inc., Ridgefield, CT. (Howard Systems, contract; 08/1996-02/1997.)
Senior Programmer/Analyst Utilized Star Schema design tool for team implementation of Data Warehousing system on a BPCS Inventory database. Business Rules development. Programmed AS/400 batch TCP/ FTP Protocol for extracted flat-files data conversion of Customer, Product, Charge Back extended files, multiple business and Federal Abbreviation code tables to ASCII format for HP ORACLE environment.

Clinipad Corporation, Guilford, CT. (Super Systems Consulting, P/A contract; 05/1996-08/1996)
Medical accessories supplier. Created, programmed, and implemented an AS/400 BPCS based Material Qualification Sheet database with maintenance and subfile inquiries. Automated a process for determining MultiVac Packaging Seal sizing tolerances; created new reporting for Month-End Sales and Profitability Analysis, and item composition flagging metrology for Parent/Child parts hierarchies. (RPGIII, CL, DDS, Subfiles.)

Raymond Engineering/ KAMAN Aerospace, Middletown, CT. (Super Systems, Sen. P/A contract; 05/1995-04/1996.)
Worked with department managers and users on all levels. Programmed DDS subfile inquiries and updates for Inventory research requirements for Manufacturer detail files, inspection transactions, units of measure tables, Work Order and Traveler Receipts, and for Alphabetic Parts Descriptions. Also wrote and implemented conversion methodology and programs from the IBM to Western Data Systems package for manufacturing contract commitments, purchase order history, requisitions, and for all labor transactions. (RPGIII, CL, DDS.)

G.E. Electrical Distribution & Control, Plainville, CT. (NYCONN Assoc. P/A contract; 03/1995-05/1995.)
Material Requirements Planning system for MAPICS processing of manufacturing orders, engineering change orders, and bills of material, using bar-code data entry to a suspense file timed-release cycle. (RPGIII, DDS.)

Yale School of Medicine, New Haven CT. (NYCONN Associates, P/A contract; 11/1994-03/1995.)
Developed maintenance/inquiries for demographic, employee information, and appointment scheduling, utilizing split-screen subfiles & pop-up-window selection. Constructed database descriptions, and decode utilities, passing parameters for virtual data structure file access and packed decimal data. (RPG/ILE, CL, DDS, Subfiles.)

Shawmut Bank, Hartford CT. (Advanced Computing Techniques, P/A contract; 10/1993-10/1994.)
Letters of Credit: wrote and implemented applications conversions for interfaces of AS/400 software with bank's mainframe computer for General Ledger transaction posting and Auto Balance comparison.. Developed and implemented letters of credit Capital-Adequacy day-end and month-end processing flows. Data exchanged with the mainframe environment via Network File techniques. (COBOL, RPGIII, CL, DDS.)

Jewish Home for the Elderly, Fairfield, CT. (Direct temp Senior P/A; 05/1993-10/1993.)
Enhancements & link reconstruction of Medical Records Dept. interactive data exchange system, utilizing ICD-9 (International Classification of Diseases) and Diagnostic Related Groups cross-indexing structure and statistical applications for this major convalescent facility. Designed & installed a subfile-driven system log to track existing medical records system errors requiring correction. User job description setup, and object and user profile authorizations. (RPGIII, CL, DDS Subfiles.)

Louis Dreyfus Corporation, Wilton CT. (Permanent position, 7 years; 10/1986-05/1993.)
Senior Programmer/Analyst, personally responsible for the design, development, and implementation of Livestock Facilities Management on the AS/400: designed and managed a custom EDI distribution for multi-site daily Transactions & Holdings Position. Met with the user community to determine their business requirements, performed system analysis and enhancement design, developed programming specifications. Created an Accounting Reconciliation between three data exchange locations. Also, enhanced Distribution logistics for Grain Exporting Contracts, and Vessel and Barge Freight System. Converted systems from RPGII on the IBM System/36 to the AS/400. Developed Futures and Statistics System. Revamped Corporate General Ledger Chart of Accounts for IRS tax applications, and for Inter-Office Settlements.
(RPGIII, CL, DDS, Subfiles.)

For Scheuer Textiles, a subsidiary of Louis Dreyfus Corp., was responsible for design and implementation of a Textile Brokerage Management system, with applications for Broker Balance & Position Summary, international Letters of Credit, Contract Settlements, Transaction Event master display and Archive Log, built over SYNON extended virtual and span-access path data relations. (SYNON CASE Tool, AS/400.)

Forschner Group/ Victorinox, Shelton, CT. (Permanent position; 04/1984-09/1986.)
Senior Programmer/Analyst Responsible for IBM/36 commercial import Contracts and Settlements, Warehouse Inventory & Receipts, Overseas Shipping Logistics, General Ledger, Purchasing systems, and Currency Conversions. Unification project of three parallel companies' MAPICS OCL applications into one software system.

Peoples Savings Bank Bridgeport CT. (Real-Time Computer Consultants; 01/1981-06/1983.)
Project Leader for development and implementation of an Employee Savings Plan. Met with high-level users to develop systems design. Analysis of programming specifications requirements. Payroll and Personnel data-base applications enhancements. (Data General NOVA III screen interactive MICOS-BASIC.)

Bridgeport Regional Physical Therapy Center. (Real-Time Computer Consultants; 06/1983-04/1984.)
Implemented Accounts Receivable billing and Appointment Scheduling systems. (RPGII, OCL on IBM S/34.)

Health Systems International, New Haven CT. (Permanent position, 07/1979-01/1981.)
Programmer/Analyst Professional Standards Review Organization Medical Data management, and software development of modular interactive systems and federal health care statistics applications. Implemented the ICD-9 Diagnostic Related Group code systems. Utilized task block architecture control software, and remote debugging. (PDP/11 Assembler Language on DEC Mini equipment.)

Northeast Data-Com, Wallingford CT. (Permanent position, 10/1977-07/1979.)
Programmed enhancements of intrastate Banking network; Savings Journal, Mortgage Interest Accrual, Installment Loan, IRS earnings applications. (12-base Burroughs ASSEMBLER on B600 Mainframe.)


New Horizons, New Haven, CT.2001, Certificate: Adobe PhotoShop 6.0.

Stone Academy of Business, Hamden, CT. 1977, Certificate. Computer Programming. Accounting Principles & Applications.

Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT. 1965-1973, Major: Comparative World Literature. Minor: Anthropology.

Related Professional Experience
Managing Editor, "The Entertainer," a weekly arts newspaper, Stratford, CT, 1972-1978.
Independent art Curator, the York Square Cinema Gallery, New Haven, CT, 1988-2005.
Art Director New Haven Free Public Library,
organizing monthly art exhibtions: 9/2005-8/2015.
Associate Curator, Gallery RIVAA on Roosevelt Island, NYC. Art exhibtions 2009, 2012, 2013, 2016.
Independent scholar: sponsor of Symposia on epistemology, and the histories of art, architecture, & science. New Haven, CT. 5/2001, 11/2001, 6/2004, 10/2010, 04/2014.
Co-Chair Program Committee of Artists' Congress New Haven 1999.
Program organizer: "Terra Continuum / Projects for a New Millennium" sponsoring civic-arts projects to build public awareness and knowledge of the arts, sciences, and technology in history and modern life; since 2001.