Michael Meier 1618 "Hic est Draco caudam  suam devorans"

Johnes Ruta, writer, ¨Mercurator¨
Independent Curator & Art Theorist.

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The William Meredith Foundation -- established for the legacy
of the poetry educator, and US Poet Laureate (1978-1982)

The William Kent Foundation Wendy Gell Design  Creative fashion jewelry designer,
25 years in the business of art, jewelry, and events.

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  Paintings and Drawings of Essence.

Jeanmarie Conlon abstract artist & poet 1951-2014

Joan Tumpson, artist (1951-2014)

John Favret paintings at the New Haven Public Library Gallery
New Haven Register article September 2, 2010




Joy Wulke studio: civic & scientific arts activist

Alvin Holm, A.I.A. - Philadelphia architect
& architectural historian

Jean-Pierre Sergent    Artist gallery of French silk-screen/photography artist and essayist,
living in Long Island City, NY. Sergent's works are germinations, cosmogonies, energy systems,
artistic exterminations....

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Fine Art mythological woodcuts


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The Naumann Gallery:
Sculpture and Artworks by Dana Baldwin Naumann

FETHI MEGHELLI: etchings, lithography, mixed media, collage, drawings

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-- Add-a-Line Design, Inc.: Picture story-board books by New Haven artist Joe Fekieta,
(formerly known as "Joe Tomorrow"): "The Perils of Togetherness" and "The Bricks of Love", depicting the problems
and issues of modern relationships, marriage, and being.

Amy Blue    Artist gallery of contemporary aesthetic, oil-on-canvas, erotic painting.


Judith Unger sculpture


Six Summit Gallery - Leonardo Feroleto, curator
6 Summit St Ivoryton CT 06442
236West 27th St 9th Floor NY, NY 10001

Agoo Art -- Tony Juliano    Satirist New Haven artist Tony Juliano, now a member of
the Stuckists Movement, is still in an amazing class by himself. He showed his clever art work at the
York Square Gallery in January and February, 2001. Hanneke Hollander's compendium of contemporary American and Netherlandish art, people, and art links.

Todd Pratum Book Company
  Scholarly, hermetic, & antiquarian books.




Art-is-Life -- an on-line Arts Magazine, by Audrey Regan, Toronto.

Art in the Raw 1997
Aud Art
-- Audrey Regan's website as co-founder of AUD ART, and her tenure as co-curator of New York's premier Avant-Garde art center, 1996-1998, located at 60 Broad Street, New York City; in the Wall Street district, featuring the May 1997 exhibit "Art in the Raw" of the Chris Butler Group.

Aud Art Gallery, NYC
Aud Art
-- Neil London, Aud Art's co-founder and co-curator's website for New York's premier
Avant-Garde art center, located at 60 Broad Street, New York City; in the Wall Street district.

Love Deities in Greek Mythology
Recommended by Katie Kress



Oil and Canvas Art Gallery


Hygienic Arts Coop - New London, CT

Artwork in different styles and media, offering a wide variety of features and services that
enable customers and artists to buy and sell art.


Giotto di Bondone (c. 1267–January 8, 1337), better known simply as Giotto, was an Italian painter and architect from Florence. He is generally considered the first in a line of great artists who contributed to the Italian Renaissance.

Pablo Picasso cubism history
Description: How and why Pablo Picasso created cubism. Comprehensive study of the art of Pablo Picasso.


Psyche's Links: 500+ + Links to Esoteric Subjects on the Web:Alchemy

Psyche's Links : Esoteric Subjects on the Web: Gnosis

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