Michael Meier 1618 "Hic est Draco caudam  suam devorans"

The Dream Life of Color
Art works by
Kristin Ambrosi,
Kate Henderson,
Herm Freeman


Kristen Ambrosi "Spacious" acrylic on canvas, 30" x 30”


"Inspired by light, color, nature, music, and words, my work is an evolving exploration of the beauty within these elements, gathered and channeled into two dimensions. My intention is to leave the world more beautiful through painting. Creative expression has become my vocation, a sacred journey carried out through painted colors
across a canvas, sung notes in the air, and composed words on a page. My fundamental goal: to create harmonious canvases that resonate and vibrate, embracing the richness of human experience through exquisite use of color, light, and form.

"As a practitioner and instructor of yoga, the themes of balance and integration inspire and permeate my work. I repeatedly rotate the canvas while working towards a composition where the weight of color and contrast feel balanced. Intuitive abstractions emerge through layering.

"Metaphors for life, such as facing the unknown with courage, surrendering the outcome guided by the heart, quieting beliefs of what is correct to instead tune into what feels good, I use less representational imagery and more broad forms, and follow intuition about what comes next. This is a bold, scary, trusting, and exciting place from which to be working, and it is my hope that my paintings reflect the truth of that energy."

Ms. Ambrosi's artwork is in collections throughout the US and Europe. As a Visual Arts Graduate, she was Magna Cum Laude at Bowdoin College in Maine,and was Artist-in-Residence at Kent Island, Canada.

Kristen Ambrosi "Embrace" acrylic on canvas, 20"h x 30”w


Kate Henderson, Kristen Ambrosi (pictured), Herm Freeman


"I create environments from natural elements to give people a sense of place. Emotional essence and energy that connects us to each other and everything around us. My images both describe and celebrate the intrinsically aesthetic structure of the natural world and the ever-present duality in all things. I invite the viewer to see and feel the world both within us and around us, experiencing the macro vs microelements common to all.

"Materials are important to me. I maintain the integrity of whatever medium I use whether it’s pastel, paint or digital imaging. I want each medium to have it’s own unique characteristics to provoke the senses, be it optical impressions, viscosity, or the unspeakable sound of elements as they hit the surface."

"Great art picks up where nature ends.” -Marc Chagall

Kate Henderson "Monet Stones" cyto-digital print 24”h x 30"w

"Painting-with-cells" is how Ms. Henderson describes her cyto-Illusions series: "I start by using microscope images of human cells and also images of abstraction “found” in nature. Through layering and manipulation techniques, I create an image that mirrors micro images on a macro level. On one level the images are a colorful abstraction that allow the viewer to freely explore and experience the image on their own. Many images are suggestive of a specific element such as water, but others are more environmentally placed. On another level the images are about the reality of nature; cells of disease, the growth structure of plants, and the patterns of light filtered through the leaves."

Kate Henderson "Current Electric, Blue" cyto-digital print 24”h x 30"w


Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Herm Freeman earned his Phi Beta Kappa degree from Queens College, C.U.N.Y. in 1969 and a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Indiana University in 1971. He studied painting with several major American artists,including Fairfield Porter, George McNeil, James Brooks, James McGarrell, and Richard Serra.

He draws his landscape inspiration from the motifs of Soutine, Cezanne and Courbet. He is represented by Phil Demise's 'a' gallery in NYC, and exhibits his paintings primarily in NYC and the Northeast. Recently, he was awarded ‘Best in Show’ at the prestigious Silvermine 51st Art of the Northeast USA Annual Exhibition.

Herm Freeman "Cubist Suburb" acrylics on canvas 20"h x 24"w

Herm has been teaching art in Connecticut since 1973. In addition to his emotionally charged landscape painting, he has pursued his musical muse throughout the years; playing guitar, keyboards and vocals in the infamously obscure N.DoDoBand in 70's and 80's.

Herm Freeman "Promised Land" acrylics on canvas 18"h x 24"w


Artists' Reception: Saturday, November 18th, 2017, 4:00 to 6:30 PM.
Curated by: Johnes Ruta

Connecticut Hospice Gallery
100 Double Beach Rd
Branford, CT 06405

Exhibition: November 7 - December 30, 2017