Michael Meier 1618 "Hic est Draco caudam  suam devorans"
The meaning of Azoth?
artworks by Ralph Levesque

Artist Reception: Saturday, January 5, 2008, 2:30 to 4:30 PM
"I am a romantic visual poet," says Ralph Levesque, "aware that all designs and symbols are inspired by the Natural. Therefore, I am not concerned with producing copied images of Nature, but, seek to find beauty within the concrete; behind the material level. "Instinctively and unconsciously I seek the essence of 'universal beauty' - the intrinsic force of all. The true artist is but a person who under-stands what others only know about. Using materials both Natural and "man-made/' old and new, discarded, found or recycled; I discover their hidden truth. The hidden reality of matter; it is always moving, changing, evolving and becoming anew.
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Ralph Levesque "Ancient Sky-Watchers" mixed-media, 36" x 24"

"My works are like ARTIFACTS from some distant past civilization and places unknown- pointing to new yet to be discovered worlds and realms. The element of time revealing past and future cycles of the universe are revealed, and appear in recognized, yet forgotten memories, I have been granted a gift -- a "child like mind" - seeing the constructive patterns, the rhythmic hidden constructs in nature and seeing the spiritual things that it really is.

  Ralph Levesque "Air-Scape Caught Solid" mixed-media, 36" x 24"

"In our machine minded culture, guided by science and industry; I find soulless monsters with slick cold engineering, killing the natural - doing away with the "human touch." Reaching back, I allow the handicrafted, "touched by man" to show. By allowing the hand made - sometimes crude - naturally inspired art, lost in the machine age; my works point to a time when art was a spiritual endeavor, reaching for the unexplainable. "Using matter; I focus on being a conduit, through which timeless invisible sources and untouchable mysterious forces connect the physical and spiritual."
Ralph Levesque "Quarternary" mixed-media mosaic, 36" x 24"

Mr. Levesque was recently awarded a grant by ARTE, Inc. in New Haven, as Artist-in-Residence, to produce two mural pieces for ' "R" KIDS -'. He holds a BS in Fine Arts, and an MS in Art Education from the University of Bridgeport. He is a member
of several significant art organizations.
Ralph Levesque "Quarternary" mixed-media mosaic, detail

For three months in early 2008, Mr. Levesque had a one-person show at Art Cellar in Clinton. He has had his artworks in recent exhibits: in the "Mini Series" at The Hygienic Arts Center, New London, at Art Works Gallery in Hartford in the " 6" x 6" " exhibition. at Zoey & Floyd in Seymour, in the current Mystic Art League "Holiday Show", in the "Small Works" show at 4 Star Gallery in Stonington, and in "Chilly, Cheap, Chili" at the Essex Art League. His sculpture works are also on display at Riverside Press Gallery in Essex, and at Art Well in Torrington. Mr.Levesque will also be in a two-person show at Art Works in Hartford.


Exhibition: December 31, 2007 - February 1, 2008
New Haven Free Public Library Gallery
133 Elm Street (lower level) New Haven, CT 06510

Gallery curator: Johnes Ruta (203) 387-4933