"Ancient Forum 2004":

Sunday June 20, 2004
11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Review our May & November 2001 Symposia

In collaboration with Projects for a New Millennium
and Arts + Literature Laboratory (ALL).

Arts + Literature Laboratory (ALL)
5 Edwards Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Relativity, Quantum & Particle Theory, and Quarks
put into historical perspective

We will trace the parallel developments of science
with Culture, Language, Art, & Architecture,
from ancient times to the present...


Chloe Atreya, PhD. of Pharmacology, Yale University,
"Italo Calvino's 'Invisible Cities' as an metaphorical
Complex Adaptive System."

Steve Bass, AIA, lecturer at the Institute for Classical Architecture, NYC,
"An Architecture of Anamnesis: A past, present and future history of
aesthetics in the context of Pythagorean, Platonic and Hermetic qualitative number."

Qualitative number and its translation into the traditional proportional systems of painting
and architecture; a look at current work in the ICA circle; and, a projection of a new aesthetic
integration of traditional patterns and contemporary needs.

Kathleen Damiani, PhD. of Philosophy, Ithaca, NY,
"Ancient Near Eastern Esoteric Traditions."

Greg Garvey, Professor of Design, Quinnipiac University, Mt. Carmel, CT,
"Solitude of the Self: The Games Virtual Beings Play."


$20 admission, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM,
includes Refreshments and Lunch (2:00 PM)

Advance Registration: $16, before June 14.

For Pre-Regitration or further information: please contact
Johnes Ruta
by email or telephone (203) 387-4933.


Past symposia :
"Gnosis in Science & Philosophy" - May, 2001

"The Metaphysical History of Time" - November, 2001

"Transmutation of Matter,
Transformation of the Senses" -
an on-line email Forum, open to the public -

Dear Artists, Scholars, & Scientists,

At this time, I am still seeking to enlist specialists in the following disciplines interested in presenting a comprehensive outline of their field and general concepts about their work, in relation to the evolution of science and culture.
Your presentation of individual theoretical thought
(certainly within the limits of professional standards of disclosure) is greatly invited and welcome

Art history
Classical history
Language & Linguistics
the sources of energy in Manufacturing
Mathematics & Geometry
Medical history
Philosophical history
Renaissance Art, Symbolism, & Humanism

To arrange a presentation, please contact Johnes Ruta with a brief proposal as soon as possible, in order to secure advance publicity for this event for press, magazines, & media.

Projects for a New Millennium, founded by Joy Wulke, civic-artist & sculptor, has created and sponsored such events as:
"Celebration of the Branford Waters," a 1997 Laser-Light show with historical and ecological poetry readings in Branford Harbor;
"Terra Continuum," a 1998 Laser-light & theatrical production of "Big Bang to String Theory" in Branford Granite Quarry; and
"Navigation through Time," a 2000 performance of the story of the CT coastline from 500 million years ago to the present, with the collaboration of the CT State Geologist, at Avery Point, CT.

Since 1988, I've been the curator of the YORK SQUARE GALLERY in New Haven, presenting regional & international artists. As a researcher and writer of scientific themes in literary history, my personal interests trace the theories of Matter, and the practice Metallurgy & its symbolism, from the earliest times and the Renaissance to the present. Since 1978, I've been a Business & Internet design consultant, specializing in engineering, logistical, and database applications.

In May and November of 2001, I sponsored two two-day historical symposia: "Gnosis in Science & Philosophy" and "The Metaphysical History of Time" each of which were attended by 45 people, and featured speakers from all over the Northeast US, such as Alvin Holm AIA, Philadelphia, on "The Architecture of the Globe Theatre and Renaissance England"; Steve Bass of the Institute for Classical Architecture in NYC, on the origins of the styles of Greek architecture, and Pythagorean and Platonic Geometry; and Dr. Kathleen Damiani of Ithaca, NY, on the Sophia mythos and the origins of Philosophy. These events were held at the lakeside Guilford studio of former NY jewelry designer Wendy Gell, and featured performances by the Kathryn Kollar Dance Company, and of Pythagorean and Theosophical music performed by Ramon Satyendra of Yale Music School.

Suggestions for "ANCIENT FORUM 2004" are greatly welcome.

For more information, please contact: Johnes Ruta (203) 387-4933 azothgallery@comcast.net