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PART ONE -- Saturday & Sunday, May 26-27, 2001 --

Sophia in the Hermetic Sciences
A two day Symposium was held Saturday & Sunday, May 26-27, 2001,
12:30 to 10:00 PM, with 40 people attending,
NY Designer Wendy Gell’s
lakeside studio,
Lake Quonnipaug,  608 Lake Drive, Guilford, CT 06473.  
$ 30 per day fee includes lunch and dinner;
Gourmet catering provided by
CAFE' GINA of North Branford., (203) 483-7965.


Dance Performance & Discussion : Sunday, May 27, 5:00 PM
The Kathryn Kollar Dance Company
(203) 924-2449


Conference Site

Jewelry Designer Wendy Gell's beautiful artist studio site
located in south-central Connecticut on Lake Quonnipaug, Guilford.


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Saturday Program:
The program begins Saturday at 1 PM, with a meeting of those presenting or wishing to present materials for the program on any related topic.Informal meeting and introductions.

2:30 PM -- Johnes Ruta, Independent Art Curator; director, The York Square Gallery, New Haven, CT; historical Art Theorist and esoteric essayist; software design consultant and relational database computer engineer.   New Haven, CT.
"UNITY  DUALITY  TRINITY"   -- a chronological background of the Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts in the Dualism of the ancient Near East, ancient Greek mythic esotericism , and Roman Christian "Pneumatic" theology;   & their echoes in the Neo-Pagan Gnosis of the Renaissance.
3:30 PM -- Robert Cuneo, Professor of Art, University of Bridgeport, retired. Esoteric historian. Magic Realist painter, and illustrator under penname "Fra Mercurius."  Lecture: "Thoth, Osiris, & Hermes Trismegistus :  Hieroglyphics,  Hierophants & Hermetics."

4:30 PM -- Carl Pfluger, contributing writer to The Southwest Review, GQ,
 Harper’s Magazine;  Historian, Herodotus scholar. Quebec, Canada.
"Gnostic Dread : the Spiritual Anarchy of an Anti-Cosmic Insurgency."  
Also discussing the evolution of "history" in the writings of Herodotus, Heraclitus, and the philosophers of Atomism and Rationalism.

6:00 -- Gourmet Dinner provided by Cafe' Gina of North Branford, CT.

6:30 PM -- Peter Champoux, author of the book "Gaia Matrix, " a writer whose work can be described as "a Gnosis of the Land. "  http://www.arkhom.org. In his presentation:  
"The Geometry of Landscape,"  he identifies how subtle psychic characteristics of the land are manifested by local human culture in language, music, and behavior.

Sunday program:
12:00 -- Lunch & appetisers, provided by Cafe' Gina.

2:00 PM - Kathleen Damiani, Ph.D., writer & professor of Philosophy, Ithaca, NY.
Lecture: "Sophia & the Dragon"
 -- Near Eastern & Western esoteric traditions at the core of Gnosis, and their realization in the synchronicity of modern life.

3:00 PM -- Steve Bass, A.I.A, Architect; professor at the Institute for Classical Architecture, New York City, NY.
"Pythagorean Qualitative Numbers and Plato's Quadrivium of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy." Also, the use of magic in classical religion and aesthetics.

4:30 PM -- Ramon Satyendra, Professor of Music Theory and Composition, Yale School of  Music, New Haven, CT.
An original music composition: the completion of an unfinished piano work by the theospohist Alexander Scribin; and will discuss Pythagorean harmonic musical structure,
and their correlates in the Hindi 7:22 tala and the paleography of medieval Western notation.

5:15 PM -- The Kathryn Kollar Dance Company.

6:00 -- Gourmet Dinner provided by Cafe' Gina.

6:00 PM -- Alvin Holm, A.I.A., Architect, lecturer on Vitruvius and the Five Orders of Classical Architecture, and symbolic geometry. Philadelphia, PA.
Lecture: "Shakespeare's Globe Theatre as a Proto-Renaissance Building"-- the embodyment of Celtic and Roman design principles from Stonehenge and Vitruvius.

7:30 PM -- Greg Garvey, Professor of Design & Graphic Arts, Quinnipiac College, Hamden, CT.
"The Smart Stall: Marcel Duchamp's "R.Mutt;" Antonin Artaud the Gnostic & the modern surrender to the user interface."

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For information, please contact :
Project Curator: Johnes Ruta, (203) 387-4933


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