Understanding Time, Space, and Infinity...The metaphysics of 8.
Theory by artist Nick Grossmann

For centuries the symbol for the Number eight "8" was a metaphysical symbol for infinity.... I was recently surfing the cosmic wave when another notion has come to me, this time about the number 8......First let us go back to the 3 and lets say like before the points on the three resembled the upper world,the present, and the lower....I had a mystical cosmic relization when chatting with you the other day that I was explainging the number three then I though of eight.....And infinity....I then explained the number three metapysical/ numerology theory to my uncle and he laughed... I got a pen and drew out the symbol three and he laughed and drew a reverse number three (as a three if you hold it to a mirror and attached it together and he said now your three is eight..I became obsessed when then thoughts of an hour glass came to mind and it very much resembles the 8 in its own way... So I pondered that maybe the indiviual who created the hour glass knew something and that if eight "8" is infinity then let us compare.... The hour glass sucks sand through it and down to the bottom of the hour glass...

Let us just look at 8 now and imagine a cosmic hour glass and let us think that the sandwich can resemble the Present and Existence is being sucked through the 8 or the cosmic hour glass, and it is then alternated to go over and over sucking sand... Now wonder...Can there be a dimension and is it an eight that keeps time...and if this was so, then as the sand gets recycled then would time be recycled and turned over going into the other side of the hour glass or 8 or cosmic hour glass....

Now what if the universe was the shape of 8 and the 8 is made of a 3 and a backwards three which combined as 8 makes two cosmic loops.... Now this may sound radical, but what if in the middle of the 8 was a zero and that zero can be a black hole sucking the universe and matter through the black hole and to the bottom half of the 8 just like sand going through the hour glass.... .With this theory of course it doesn't prove anything but it makes you think that if this is true then there is no past or future and just moment or the present.

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The Metaphysics of the number Three - theory by artist Nick Grossmann

From Paganism to Mysticism to Religoin the number three has always had some spiritual purpose....The top point of the three represents the upper world, the botom point of the three represents the lower world and the middle point represents the present physical world... Could it be fair to say that the number three is some key to harmony or enlightenment?? Like if there maybe a balance of upper and lower world would that bring harmony.....The middle is a cosmic loop and we can say the middle point of the three is a zero....The zero is a spiritual number in mysticism for a portal witch maybe it is fair to say is the present and the moment....Maybe the key to all this and the number three is learning to live in the present...I once jamed out in a band and the lead singer used to say God was in the present....With the number three the top and bottom meet in the middle and the middle can be what represents the present and maybe the key to life is being in the present...

This is why we have and what the world is -- third dimension....from the upper and lower world combined in a cosmic loop.....I wonder what other keys there are with other numbers to unlock dimensions???

The full moon. When the earth,moon,and sun are combines...Could this have to do with the mystical number three? They say its the best time to do spell work and its not 28 days its really 29 days...so looking at 3 originally the top (higher) the middle (physical) and the bottom ( lower) while you look at three like that look at the time of the full moon and look at 3 which in theory the top which is our sun can represent higher the middle this time is the moon and that can represent lower and the bottom instead of lower world is earth our physical which makes the full moon effect and gravitational changes ideal for spell work and anything metaphysical.. My point is looking at "3" the combination of the three worlds upper,physical,and lower can be switched around to go into another cosmic vibration such as the full moon and also women tend to give birth on that day which is 29 days not 28...technically 29...so with 3 would it be fair to say that you can metaphysically play with the combinations???

And if these cosmic bodies align then think of other combinations of moons,sun and planets....could it be the keys to unlocking difrent dimensions or realities if done correctly??