"Psycles of Time"

The Nagging Question of Cyclic and Apocalyptic Time

How can we distinguish elements in our dialectical thinking
in order to optimize the development of our selves, and our
systems, applications, and resources?


by Johnes Ruta 1999, 2004

 Psyclic Time  Apocalyptic Time
evaluation and interpretation of constituent parts & themes
dissection and reductive vaporization of constituent elements



multi-dimensional focii & functionality

one-dimensional focus;
critical parity relationships


Environment & Technology:
positive applications & resolutions based on scientific discovery.
Environment & Technology:
denial of significance of scientific evidence; destructive uses of scientific discovery

conscientious and respectful usage of non-renewable resources;

determined development and application of renewable resources.


expedient consumption and depletion of non-renewable resources.

engineered shortages of resources
for the purpose of profiteering;

rejection of development of renewable

interpretation of phenomena:
the process of unfolding constituents

interpretation of phenomena:
the synchronic, behavioristic process
of the interaction of constituents, leading to culmination or climax

Economic cycle:

1. growth of supply in harmony
with requirements of demand
2. stability of infrastructure not
dependent on supply & demand
3. self-correcting course of critical processes in the economic mechanism

Economic cycle:

1. growth to overproduction
2. surplus condition & market saturation
3. recession
4. stagnation
5. shortages

Investment process:

1. growth
2. harvest
3. respect of fallowing period
4. reseeding

Investment process:

"Expediency Complex":
1. growth
2. clear cutting
3. erosion
4. exhaustion of pre-existing
growth resources & potential

Architectural process:

building with the purpose of functionality, quality of workmanship and materials, permanence, consideration of human scale & utility, and aesthetics.

Architectural process:

building according to dictates of immediate need, expedience, utility, and profitability of development.
Trade process:

"medieval merchantilism": cash-and-
carry trade;
"Enlightenment" philanthropic development of traditional and primitive economies for betterment to standard of living, without purpose of profit or domination.

Trade process:

"Industrial and Post-Industrial merchantilism": Capitalistic and Colonialist development of traditional and primitive economies with the purpose of the exploitation of cheaper labor costs, also with purposes of cultural and social domination or influence.

monitored decay of human constructions leads to repair & constructive renovation

neglected decay in stages of
unattended deterioration, or awaiting divine intervention

benignly monitored conditions
for the interception and prevention
of detrimental effects

emergency response

cause & effect;
effects without cause

defect causes interuption and breaks
in continuity
cause & simultaneous effect;
acceptance of personal

cause & reaction;
charge of blame;
deflection of personal

Tradition = patterns of compasionate community

Tradition = orientation & justification of dominance
historical continuity of culture and
permutations of the individual.

synchronic & reductive affectaton
of psychological institutions.

Family = the promotion of intimacy
in human communication

Family = the arrangement of moral
authority and physical dominance

Moral Purpose:

the alleviation of suffering in the world

Moral Purpose:

the elimination of sin in the world

Existential / Essential ethical responsibilities

actions dictated by moral absolutes & moral imperatives

strength of character

power of dominance & intrusion

atonement through consciousness

perpetuity of guilt and punishment

Application of Justice:
hierarchical ordering of harmfull
behavior; elimination of "victimless
crimes"; humanistic rehabilitation wherever possible; alleviation of negative social circumstances.

Application of Justice:
punitive mentality toward all social
ineptitudes; extended incarceration and incarceration systems for profit; free-market appropriation of prison labor; victimization of the under-privileged.
inductive texture of phenomena
deductive "Rationalism"

words as description

words as definitive mass

generation of electrical power via natural resources or constant resources

profitable generation of energy utilizing hazardous methods or
non-renewable resources
amalgamation of elements

corrosive attitudes or actions applied to undesired elements.

nuclear Fusion

nuclear Fission
open circuit of energy
 terminus directed flow of energy
-- i.e. polarization

conscious spontaniety

inevitabilities of the unforeseen

"deep structure";
alchemical metaphorical process
of discovery
standardized experimental method of trial & error

spiral of repetition, unfolding of eventuality

closed- or short-circuit of repitition/ compulsion



intuition & synchronicity

expectation of collapse
Eroticism: integration of
Body & Soul.

Prurience: aloof voyeurism;
schism of body & soul;
Terror and disdain of the Body.

Functionality of sexuality: play, desire, passion, emotional fulfillment.
Regenerative, dominance, and physical satisfaction are the functionalities of sexuality.

Manifestation of the Evocative:
i.e. the Dance of Shiva.

emotional indifference; stasis of personal roles.

trinity / triangulation


dialectical unity

duality leading to schism

perpetual evolution

stasis, de-evolution

"stratified stability" (Jacob Bronowski)

stratified layers of incomplete processes

verbal concepts




regenerative replacement


self reflection & meditation

proselytizing the self & others
Oceanic & Cosmic
imposed "Reality" as Empirical chauvinism

echo effect of musical scale
mono - linear tonality
symbolic awareness
"literal" verbal thought process
dominates inner monologue:
polarity of inner dialog.
Pan-Consciousness animism
Empiricist perception;
denial of scientific evidence.
 Cycles of Energy  Linear series


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