Luminescence and Depth

paintings by
Valeriu Boborelu

Gallery RIVAA
527 Main Steet Roosevelt Island
New York, NY 10044
SATURDAY, April 28, 2012

Guest Curator: Johnes Ruta

the new haven free public library Gallery
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Gallery Curator:
Johnes Ruta, (203) 387- 4933

Saturday, December 2, 2006

  Artist Valeriu Boborelu hails originally from Bucharest, Romania. He obtained his MFA in 1965 at the Nicolae Grigorescu Academy of Fine Arts there, as a student of the world-famous painter Gheorghe Saru. He went on to teach Composition and Drawing there from 1966 to 1982, and became the Chair of Painting. After studying Painting, Drawing, and Art Documentation in Perugia, Rome, Bologna, Venice, Naples, Sicily, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Russia, he was allowed to make study visits to Paris, from where in 1983 he was able to bring his family out of Ceausescu’s Romania, finally settling in Kew Gardens, Queens, New York.  
"Blue Meditation" acrylic on canvas 36" h x 20" w
"White Tara" acrylic on canvas 32" h x 20" w
"Resurrection" acrylic on canvas 36" h x 48" w
"Phthalo Blue Celestial Meditation" acrylic on canvas 28" h x 28" w

Boborelu is an inspired painter of human shapes in ancestral & anthropomorphic silhouettes -- silhouettes integrated in verticals, obliques, and spirals superimposed to create a continuous movement of Space. Using contrasts in a reduced range of colors, polarities of white & black, large strokes of modulated grays, gestural tensions create a Chromatic Vertigo, a vibration, and depth: "In my paintings are human shapes and forms inspired by the mineral and floral worlds. Figures are luminous, transparent and pearl-white colored, and appear from the Blue-Black depths of space. Underlying geometric drawing combines with the harmony of sober color.

There is a dialogue between Part and Totality. In my vision, these figures symbolize our subtle inner-nature of Wisdom and Compassion -- our spiritual Bodies of Light."

  Boborelu’s early paintings were influenced by Romanian traditional art, such as old icons on glass, rugs from Oltenia and Moldavia, and ceramics pots. There is a visionary relation between color and value, the equilibrium and rhythm of shapes, dynamicity, exaltation, a cool / warm dialogue.  

"Unknown Entities" acrylic on canvas 18" h x 28" w
  "I believe that an artist-painter has to think and feel continuously in form-color, to translate all the events of life in symbol colored images. Color, the essential element in art painting, can tell us about the depth and warmth of life, and the uniqueness of our psychic experiences. Spiritually, color is a vehicle to penetrate and experience the Superior Planes of Consciousness. Art painting is the happiness and joy of life: the aesthetic manifestation of human beings. It is the inner, spiritual vibration sent to other souls -- the special way of seeking our real Identity."  
"Ethereal Figures" acrylics on canvas 24" h x 24" w
"Luminous Magenta Beings" acrylic on canvas 36" h x 20" w

Boborelu had one man shows in several Bucharest galleries, and was in group shows in Warsaw, Turin, Helsinki, Venice, Moscow, Sofia, and Budapest. Working in Paris 1982-83, he was in the "Salon D'Automne," "Grand Palais" shows, and in recent years, Montmartre, The International Festival of Paris, The Biennial Drawing Exhibition at the Art Gallery Le Puget. In the U.S., he has shown at the Alex Gallery in Washington DC; the York Square Gallery, New Haven; in NYC at Tribeca 148, Artist’s Space, Gallery Korea, the East-West Gallery at the Romanian Cultural Center, and GALLERY RIIVA on Roosevelt Island. His work is in private and State collections.

Exhibition: November 18 - December 30, 2006


"Figure of White Appearance" acrylic on canvas 30" h x 24" w



Luminescence and Depth

paintings & essay by Valeriu Boborelu
Gallery Curator & editor : Johnes Ruta


In my painting, the Idea, Concept of Deities (Divine Beings), is inspired and connected to manifestations and experiences from real life. The Deities, usually manifested on subtle levels, represent the interdependence between physical and non-material worlds, all pervading sentient energies, the unity and transformation of Life; they are essences of the vital, psychological, mental propensities of all beings.

These Divine Beings (in Esotericism called "Masters of Light") are in fact our "older Brothers and Sisters" who did pass and experience the Human Realm, and from an evolutionary point-of-view, are far perfected (superior) to human beings.

Sometimes, by training our mind to be directed toward openness, peace, non-ego attitude, and by using meditational techniques, prayers, and mantras, we can have the revelation and receive direct subtle appearance of Deities; they can transmit us the guidance, teachings, or suitable conditions for our progress.

The nature of the mind of Deities is not separated and not different from the nature of our mind; the nature of body, speech and mind of Deities and human beings are similar and have not Inherent Existence (Emptiness.)

In our struggle for happiness and also in confrontation of suffering, ignorance, we can discover, experience, and understand the fundamental laws of the Universe (and how they are functioning) : the Law of Karma (cause / effect), the Law of Rebirth; interdependence, the continuum flux and changeability of all phenomena and beings, the lack of Inherent Existence of Phenomena.

When the Flame toward Truth appears in our mind (and the will to give a meaning and goal to our life), we have the capacity to transform the main negative propensities (hate / greed/ passion / possession, jealousy / ignorance / stupidity) into the corresponding Five Divine Qualities: 1. Mirror-Like Wisdom, 2. Wisdom of Equality, 3. Wisdom of Discriminating Perception, 4. Wisdom that Accomplishes Everything, 5. Wisdom that Penetrates Everything.

The Mandala is a symbolic, graphic representation of the Deities' Realm of Existence. Mandalas express the Cntinuity and Transformation of Energies Consciousness, the function of Main Polarities, the interplay and unity of Life.

[The Mandala reveals a Double Polarity: introspective knowledge, compassionate involvement, and Reflective Awareness the Inner Space in which we move. ]

In the paintings "Mandala of Transformation" (72" x 72") and "Light-Wisdom Figures" (40"w x 20"h), strive to represent Human Form in an extremely geometric aspect, reminiscent of ancestral, anthropomorphic images (like Romanian figuring-shaped ceramic jugs). Luminous, transparent figures are integrated in oblique structures, spirals, verticals, overlapping or intersecting each other to suggest spatiality and movement.

In this work, I used a clear, almost decorative contrast white and deep dark blue colors (one kind of sobriety, a renunciation of using nuances, richness of layers, vibrated colors...)

In other paintings, like "Clear Light Being" and "Wisdom Being," I used the same very geometric representation of human form… The figures are immersed in Space, the Contour-Lines are repeated concentrically, and suggest multiples, and Subtle Bodies. The figures are white-pearl colored, translucent… a variety of nuances of gray-white and yellow appear from the background.

In the paintings "Resurrection" (30" x 30") and "Resurrection 2" (243"w x 30"h), I've tried to express the idea of the Continuity of our existence on the Subtle level, in this case, following the process of death.

In the work "Figure of White Appearance" (30"w x 24"h), a human silhouette is floating in the upper side, white, yellow-gray colors irradiate from space; some white lines, curves, spirals, are moving through-our all of the image….

The title "Figure of White Appearance" is inspired by Buddhist teachings connected to the three main mental-psysiological stages (Mind of White Appearance, Mind of Red-Orange Increase, and Mind of Black Near Attainment) that prepare the manifestation of our most subtle mind: the Mind of Clear Light (the Mind of Enlightenment.)

[The three preliminary stages appear before our Consciousness, usually, when we fall asleep, in fainting, strong emotions -- or accidents, meditation and especially in the moment of the process of death. But without the special training of our mind it is very difficult to notice these stages.]

The painting "Aquarius Age Being" (30"w x 24h) is a symbolical homage and remembrance of our actual era. (In terms of astronomical and astrological Precession of the Equinox, the Aquarius Era preceded the Pisces Era, that is, when the vernal equinox previously occurred later in the calendar year.)

If we study or believe in the so-named "Teaching of Wisdom" (Esotericism), or "New Age Wisdom Teachings" -- which were revealed by great spirits like H.P. Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Helena Roe Rich, or the esoteric writer and painter Benjamin Crème (Scottish, born 1922), we can find that we are living in an extraordinary time; after many kinds of sufferings, calamities, wars, there will be a great development and transformation of human society characterized by sincerity, compassion, honesty, love and sharing. --- The Aquarius Age will last about 2400 years, until the astronomical Precession carries the vernal equinox earlier into the Age of Capricorn.

In this time of Aquarius, the Deities (Masters of Light) will be among us (will take physical manifestation), and will keep and inspire our activities.

In the paintings "Yellow Deity" (24" x 24") and "Red Deity" (24" x 24") stronger, more vivid colors are used in complementary contrasts.

The painting "Clear Light Being" (24" x 24") is an allusion to the subtle mind: the Mind of Clear Light (in other terms: Dharmakaya, Ground Luminosity, Buddha-nature, Christ-nature.)

In our spiritual evolution, we can have (or choose) two kinds of approaches, slightly different, but with important karmic consrquences:
A. Ego - Centered : Solidification of Space'' of Form idea of Static, Eternity…

B. Awakened Mind
    Openness, Spaciousness, Transparence, All Pervading …
       Awakened State of Clear Light.

Visual artists, painters, sometimes by using their intuitional, spiritual qualities, have the capacity
to penetrate subtle levels of our worlds… They can have visions of Beings and Deities…

These visions, mental images are translated in paintings -- creations … and the artists have the
duty to present these discoveries to their contemporaries….

[All artists are in a Continuum of interdependence, Unity, spiritual exchange, and inspiration, and metaphorically we can say that "all artists are painting the same canvas…." [This attitude is completely different from the ego-centered idea of the singular artist or "great artist" who does not relate to anyone.. ]

Art critics are the best and loyal friends of artist-painters… The art critic can help the whole of society by explaining and interpreting the seminal aspect of art-works, and unfolding new aspects of cultural and spiritual consciousness to the public.

Text by: Valeriu Boborelu 20 November 2006


"Light Wisdom Figures" (diptych) acrylic on canvas 20" h x 40" w