There are many forms of the deity Kurkulla. But the most important form is called Tarodbhava. She is the goddess of wealth. She is also worshipped by unhappy lovers. She is believed to be successful in bewitching men. Women, ministers, and the kings. 'Om kurukulle him hrin svaha' is the mantra when muttered ten thousand times is said to fulfil every one's desires. Thirty thousand times of this mantra must be muttered to subdue a minister. The subjugation of a king requires more than a lakh. She is red in colour with red garments, red ornaments and seated on a red lotus. She is usually represented in dancing attitude. If she stands, she stands on her left foot and her right leg is raised. She either wears a crown of skulls or a band surmounted by ornaments. She has four arms. Two left hands show charging a flowery arrow on a flower bow ready to strike at and other two hands hold a noose and a goad.

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