mixed media artworks by
Helene Burke

New York City
Artist represented by
Johnes Ruta, (203) 387-4933

" Bird Refuge 1 "
mixed media 14"w x 14"h
Helene Burke's collages have developed from pencil drawings done in her personal biomorphic vocabulary. This vocabulary is a descendant of earlier 19th and 20th century artists, including Miro and Kandinsky. The pencil drawings use imaginary forms that Burke develops from doodling, or automatic drawing. The forms are derived from plant and animal imagery. Burke then creates patterns on different sheets of paper where she drips acrylic paint of various colors.

The different papers and drawings are then cut and pasted to watercolor paper. Burke works and reworks the collage with pencil and paint, adding and taking away in a totally intuitive process. The addition of a 3D paper sculpture on each collage adds to the complex composition.

Burke's artistic process is related to the evolution seen in the natural world where she derives her biomorphic imagery. The development of a seed to a plant is seen as a metaphor for the growth and change experienced by people every day in their life experiences. Change is inevitable, and can be seen as the path to knowledge.

Mark Ribowsky

Exhibition: "EVOLUTION OF KNOWLEDGE: Helene Burke Collages"
November 8-Decmeber 10, 2005

147 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012 212/777-6338
" Bird Refuge 2 "
mixed media 14"w x 14"h
Helene Burke - Artist Statement

In 2005, I began a series called "Ode To Remembrance". This began with smaller pieces on paper, and led to larger mixed media that included ink, pencil, acrylic paint, paper mache, string, beads, and pastel.

The "face" that began to appear in the work holds a mystical meaning for me. The original intention was to display the choice one makes to remember either a happy or sad child from childhood. As the work developed, I began to realize that the "face" was a metaphor for the place inside everyone that is joyful when we are bom. Fears, doubts and judgment develop later as one seeks approval from others. The title suggests that a person can simply remember this inner joy, and connect to it again.

The newest work from the series is called "Bird Refuge". These tiny mixed media pieces are only 14 inches square. My intention was to work small to create an intimate world. I combine the "face" with the bird, to comment on the idea of a
refuge inside oneself, where a person can find safety and peace. I have used birds in my work for over ten years in various forms. The idea of flight and freedom has always inspired me.

Helene Burke
New York City

" Bird Refuge 3 "
mixed media 14"w x 14"h
HELENE BURKE - Artist Resume'

M.A. Adelphi University, New York
B.A. C.W. Post College, New York
AWARDS: National Endowment for Art
1992- 1993 Regional Fellowship in Painting


2015 "Bird Refuge" AzothGallery, Ives Library, New Haven, CT, Curator Johnes Ruta
2005 "Evolution of Knowledge" Wooster Arts Space, New York City
1997 "Bird Wall" Galerie du Tableau, Marseille, France
1996 "Book Heads" Bridges and Bodell Gallery, New York City
1993 "The Verticals" Helen M.Z. Cevem Gallery, New York City


2017 "Surrealism Modern" AzothGallery, New Haven, CT
2008 "NAWA" Group show. New York City
2006 "ArtView" City Museum, Washington, D.C., curator Margaret Bodell
2004 "Howl Art Show" New York City, curator Ingrid Dinter
2003 "Brave Destiny" Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, New York
"The Divided World" York Square Cinema Gallery, New Haven, CT
2000 "Roots" Gallery of Contemporary and Indigenous Art, Tuscon, Ariz.

"Living the Dream" Margaret Bodell Gallery, New York City
"Heroines and Heroes" Cynthia Broan Gallery, curated by Willoughby Sharp, NYC
"Heroines and Heroes 2" Howland Art Center, Beacon-on Hudson, New York
"N.Y. 2 K" Curated by Livestock Gallery, New York

"Inaugural" Siguerios-Koll Gallery, curated by Willoughby Sharp, L.A., CA
"Little" Jeff Coploff Fine Art, New York City

"Leitmotiv" MBM Gallery, New York City
"Fresh" Jeff Coploff Fine Art

"Fall Round-Up" Livestock Gallery, New York City
"Ladies Lounge" Livestock Gallery, New York City

1995 "Marking the Place" Large-scale Sculpture curated by Bill Bace Gallery, New York
1994 "Biomorphosis" InterAmerican Gallery, Miami Florida (catalog)
"Reanimator" PBS WLRN, curated by Helen M. Z. Cevem, Miami, FL

1993 "NEA Fellows" Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta, Georgia (catalog)
"Altered States" Tribeca Gallery, New York City
"Preview Show" Helene M.Z. Cevem Gallery, New York City

"Organic Forms" Gallery North, MDCC, Miami, FL
"Invitational" Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art, curated by George Bolge
"33rd Annual Hortt" Museum of Art, Honorable Mention, juror Holly Solomon


"Biomorphosis" essay by Sue Scott, 1994
"NEA Fellows" essay by Arlene Raven, 1993
New Art Examiner, Arlene Raven, 1993
Atlanta Journal, Catherine Fox, 1993
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Catch 35, Chicago, Illinois
Payne Webber Collection, Miami, Fl.
Atlas American Corp. Miami Fl

Private collectors-list is available upon request

" Red Frame "
mixed media 54"w x 57"h
" Yellow Frame "
mixed media 54"w x 57"h
Artist represented by:
Johnes Ruta, (203) 387-4933


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June 19 - July 18, 2003