Transition and the Sublime


  ART HISTORY Suggested Readings & Texts
Art Through the Ages
The Story of Art, E.H. Gombrich.
The Social History of Art series.
by Arnold Hauser.
History of Art, Janssen.
Pelican Hisory of Art series.
Praeger Art Publications.
Princeton/ Bollingen books.
Time-Life "World of ..."
artist monograph series.
World of Art series
Voices of Silence, Andre Malreaux
Development of the notion of creative arts from the
votive, magical, & hunting/sacrificial-propitiation;
multi-lithic formations; decorative crafts and pottery.
  Ancient & Medieval
Mesopotamia; Egypt; Assyria: art & symbolism.
Ceramics; copper, bronze and iron metalurgy;
the stone frieze; architecture and state monument.
Evolution of the Akkadian and Babylonian.
Hellas: Attic, Geometric, and Classisical Styles.
  Art & Experience
InClassical Greece
, J.J. Pollitt.
Prolegomena to the Study of
Greek Religion
, Jane Ellen Harrison.
  Roman, Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic.  
  The Middle Ages
Imperial grandeur; Icon & Iconoclasm.
Castle & Cathedral construction.
Evolution of Arabesque and Moorish Styles.
Evolution of Ch'in, Tang, and Ming.
  India & South Asia
Aspects of Vedic, Gupta,
Chola, Sultanate, and Mughal styles.    
 Essence of Indian Art, B.N. Goswami

Transition from the Byzantine aesthetic construction                                   
and monastic divine illumination to Cimbue & Giotto.

Portable art (tapestry & painting): the traveling Burgundian Court.

The Northern painters of Germany, Holland, Flanders,
Bohemia, and the Balkans:
Alterpiece interpretations -- theological and supernatural.

Late Gothic panoramic dynamism.

Florentine & Sienese; Venitian; Roman; Neapolitan.

The development of Perspective: Brunelleschi & Alberti
& their students: Massaccio, Donatello, Paolo Uccello,
Piero della Francesca.

The sublime vision.

15th & 16th century religious painting & sculpture.                     
Michangelo to Raphael.                                                                        

Castiglione; Georgione; Carpaccio.                                 
The pagan gods in Western art:                                                 

Disintegration and convention: Mannerism.

Lives of the Artists, Georgio Vasari (16th C.)
Classic Art, Heinrich Wolfflin
Artistic Theory in Italy 1450-1600, Sir Anthony Blunt
Pagan Mysteries in the Renaissance, Edgar Wind
Survival of the Pagan Gods, Jean Seznec

The Baroque Experience

The view of Dynamism: The Age of Heroes.
Romance & Serial repitition.
The "Modern" idea. Baroque Architecture,
Christian Norberg-Schultz
The Enlightenment of Civilization: The Age of Reason.
Decadence : Rococo ornamentation.
The British Enlightenment.
The English Metaphysical painters abroad.


Modern & the next phases.

The Enlightenment of Liberte': Ingres, David.
The Romantic Period: Delacroix, Corot, Millet.
The Avant-Garde crossover effect:.
Manet, (Baudelaire, Flaubert,) Cezanne.
The Orientalist connection: Whistler, Courbet.
The Pre-Raphaelites.
The Salon establishment.

Pointilism and the Impressionist Movement. Modern Art, David Britt

The style of temprament: Van Gogh vs. Picasso --
Torment of genius; antagonism of success.

Fauvist color; Art Nouveau; Art Deco.

Tangents of Expressionism.

Geometric Art: Cubism to Hard-Edge.

The Surrealist dream.

The Philosophy of Surrealism, Fernand Algie
The Dadist Manifesto, Andre Breton

Futurist politic; Bauhaus polis;
Social Realism in the US and USSR.

The Indian Space painters.

Magic Realism: Paul Cadmus, G. Tooker, Jared French.


Abstract Expressionism

The impact of Naziism on European culture.
The attack on "Degenerate Art."
Dissoultion of the European city art colonies.
World War II period.

Shock of the New,
Robert Hughes

The New York School.                                                                             

Pop; Op; Psychedelic; & Photo-Realism.                                        

The Internationalist Style; provincialism;                                           
Anti-Aesthetic; chic.

Minimalism & Conceptual Art.

Post-Modern of post-history.

Contemporary Marketism.

Museum arrangement and presentation.

Political statement art.

Alternative forums and individualist styles.

Performance Art.


Outsider, Self-Taught, and visionary Art.

Modern Art, David Britt
The Painted Word, Tom Wolfe
Aesthetic Theory, T. Adorno