Fires Eternal Morning





The book “Fires Eternal Morning” represents an artistic and spiritual manifesto about our souls and human condition, about the struggle between Light and Darkness, about the hopes and suffering of humanity. The author Johnes Ruta uses his native qualities to explore the human mind and creates almost a magic synthesis, a transparency of different stages of reality, from the visible material world to the invisible and incomprehensible.

Subtle mindfulness, meditation, prayer, dream experiences, glimpses from the reservoir of the subconscient. All these are the modalities to communicate with spirit beings and transcendental phenomena.

In fact, our Earth (Urantia – the cosmic name) is continually watched and visited by thousands upon thousands of celestial entities which have the divine mission to help, guide, and instruct our planetary, evolutionary life. (Midwayers, Guardian Angels, Seraphim, Melchizedeks, Creator's Son.)

The author Ruta has a real, profound tendency and dedication for searching the Truth and Spirituality. He has a strong faith and knowledge about the fundamental structure of Universal Reality.


1. Matter Level:
-- Physical- Material world.
-- Metabolic, Chemical-Electrical Energy patterns
-- intellectual mind (personality, memory) Divine Monitor, (Thought Adjuster.)

2. Morontia Level :
-- Reality between material and spiritual world (Semimaterial world)
-- if being consistently chooses the path toward Divinity – then the fusion Mind-Divine
Monitor creates the assurance of Immortality.
-- the Being starts the ascension to Central Paradise
-- there are 570 Moronita stages
-- Divine Monitor or Thought Adjuster : a spirit energy particle sent by the Divine Father which is activated in the mind of the child around the age of five (after its first moral decision.

3. Spirit Level :
-- eternal immortal beings
-- the majority have Subtle forms
-- transcend Time-Space limitations on all three cosmical levels:
Truth, Goodness, Beautifulness, Infinite Knowledge.
-- they can go down to evolutionary planets (materialize – incarnate in order to help different beings) ex. Spirit Beings from Central Paradise, Havona Worlds, corps of Finaliters.


The author Johnes Ruta posseses a superior ability and sensitivity to experience and voyage in Time-Space dimensions; for him Time is reversible. In some mystical situations and awareness, he can communicate with people from the other side of the Veil... And he can receive messages from deceased beings who can advise him or transmit specific premonitions.

The novel “Fires Eternal Morning” contains multiple stories, memories, surrealistic events, dream experiences, and flickering images from conscient and non-conscient (super-conscient) states. The author describes moments from childhood, school, family and friends, romantic scenes, or memories from his life as a military agent, and job situations.

The young John Hauberc, who narrates the story in the third-person, has a gerat love, urge, and curiosity to communicate with people and to know life in multiple aspects. He is interested to study Psychology, Sociology, and to know the Eastern and Western religions; he is a great lover of the arts (painting, music,) and briefly describes visits of museums and galleries all over the world.

He plans to write his own Art History and to translate all his dreams into a surrealistic novel. As a child, Hauberc wanted to be a Space-man or to go to sail the South Seas... Or to be recruited in State Service as a Diplomat in the Mercury Space Program (the incipient U.S. Space Orbital Program of the early 1960s.) Many memories surface about his loving and courageous father, a first-generation Italian-American, who fought in World War II as an army paratrooper, sent behind enemy lines in Italy, with experiences which prey upon his conscience and become embedded into his very
DNA. The author evokes beautiful images of his devoted mother Phyllis and his sister Juno...

As a student at the State Teachers College, he was eager to find real teachings and often was alienated by his school's formal and conventional teaching methods.

In almost atemporal states of mind he evokes flickering and dreamlike glimpses of his youthful romantic encounters... Persephone, Dian, then the physical chemistry with his beautiful fiance'e Najia…

Meanwhile, his great-uncle, “General Simone,” an OSS commander, who had previously recruited his father, also assigns young Hauberc onto intelligence gathering missions, and then a production job at a defense-manufacturing munitions plant in Bridgeport. Working there, Hauberc already against wars, feels the taint upon his soul in a negative world he cannot seem to escape : The factory manufactures anti-personnel land-mines, a diabolic device, further evidence that, as in Dante, Hauberc is trapped in one of the Circles of Hell.

During his travels in Europe, Hauberc had also became aware of secret NATO testing of psychotropic chemicals to unleash the aggression in the actions of soldiers, another form of mind-control. -- The psychological imprints connected to wars had become a continuing trend in the life and artistic creation of the writer.

In his stylistic modality, Johnes Ruta deliberately chooses a non-traditional, radical method : a modernist multidimensional approach to writing : Instead of description of concrete reality, with sequences and linear linguistic “categorii,” he prefers a complex style by exploring the frontiers of incomprehension, the dimension of psychological and psychic reality -- beyond the limits of coherent understanding.

Similar to the vocabulary in Modern abstract painting, the writing in which this new narrative is developed, this “landscape,” then revels inherent or intrinsic characteristics in the dimension of the story, via the ongoing narrative itself – in other words “the picture tells the story.”

The description of dreams and visions in prose is a literary work which actively portrays a panorama of life (without personal sides.) “The layout of sequences of events and the handling of the gap of time, from one scene to the next, actually constitutes an “outline” of partitioned time periods of the story : this indicates the author's existential understanding of Space/Time. In modern time, the surrealistic movement in literature, developed a creative system to express reality of the Unconscious in real formlessness...” (the compendium of human experiences and life.)

Dreams -- an important component of our life – reflect our desires, tendencies, and urges which were not yet translated into physical/material reality … These imprints of our souls are strong possibilities and are waiting in subtle spaces for materialization in future times. Beyond the ordinary, dull dreams, sometimes we get perceptions of clear vivid messages which have a premonitory meaning, or give a new direction in our life …

In the novel, “Fires Eternal Morning,” many fractured moments, atemporal events appear to contain a decisive feeling of sorrow and suffering, of darkness, hopelessness, and negative forces – like the atmosphere of a Hell. The calamities and atrocities of wars, produce a shaking and horrible impact to human society; the greediness, selfishness, the hate and the desire to annihilate life, are the basic causes of wars. The author Ruta describes these ferocities, diabolic energies of destruction:


“...yearful hours of fighting passed without reinforcements .. streams of blood mingling with the pea-soup atmosphere; and finally he was rushing to escape the carnage of strewn bodies…”

The Satanic Device Neutron-Bomb which obliterated all metabolic life seems to be the apex of Universal Hatefulness.

“One of the stores of Paradise Green he rode down Main Street, looking for any signs of life or even death…
“The radiation had already reached its Half-Life even by the t ime he got back to Stratford, and it appeared that the Neutron Bomb had left all buildings intact, but had not only neutralized all metabolic life-forms, but somehow had the effect to bring about the rapid total disintegration of the corpses, leaving only piles of rags which had once clothed living beings...”

The writer has “a peculiar sensation of being watched from above by some malignant force, foreign or domestic...”
The author is stupefied by seeing these horrors: “...didn't know whether he would believe in God even again, but he decided to go into the lovely Greek Orthodox church there and light some candles, perhaps still believing in the power of Prayer...”

Later, in another part of the novel, Ruta continues to describe the Apocalypse “the modern Armageddon”
–- “Then out of the blue, the sky becomes an orange-yellow flaring, screaming furnace vortex red chasm of negative light,
– hydrogen bomb ground-zero ---
Nearby objects for a fraction –
silhouettes against the building
fusion flash of merging neutrons and protons / END.”

Another very interesting, challenging aspect of the book is the belief of the writer in the reality of spatial Travelers. In the history of our planet, we find many representations of strange objects or beings who appear on our Earth, interacting with humans (The Bible, modern books, etc.):

..“staring west across Main Street at the wide, triangular Green, in the middle of the widest end of the tree-spaced triangle are the same speckling lights as visions”…

...“Steadily walking toward the object, shielding my eyes, I think that I can see several figures standing, as the dumb-founded onlookers are still unable to believe their transportation here.” ...“These forms are garbed in silvery robes, their faces sparkling with dazzling colors, swirling in contours around four center points, one on each of their foreheads, two in the position of their eyes and one at each throat...”
...“Then they seem to mentally transmit an incomprehensible kind of greeting of their type of spatial travelers, and the gift of the Splendid Lights : 'Witness the Radiance of the Seed within your own Earthly skins--”

Later, the writer is experiencing awe-inspiring sensations...seeing directly some strange phenomena :

“the small pool of beam of green light on the road which comes out of a dark, star-lit sky from a point almost directly above to the east, as though a ladder come down. … The ladder of green light which recedes backward from this spot and withdraws straight back over the black asphalt pavement of the next street, and slowly then up in to the sky, while still scattering its fading green in speckles over the face of the quilty water of Brewster's Pond, then dark...”

...“I feel the beam of green light as solid, and taking another step forward, am drawn to walk upright on this beam of light, a ramp which has its own field of relative gravity, even drawing my body weight up quickly into the green radiance above the Earth and out into another Space/Time Continuum...”

Later, the novelist continues to search and meditate about these spatial beings :
...“Once Space-men touched the Earth, not to be denied the concreteness of reality, they would arrive and depart from each world, the transportation of Redemption, (these many strange beings that I have seen in the mid-day market bazaar) … intergalactic merchants of the avaricious dream.”


As revealed in the URANTRA BOOKm our planet Earth, its cosmic name “Urantria,” is part of the system of Satania (#606 of 613 inhabited planets), in the Constellation NORLATIADEK, Universe NEBADON, Superuniverse ORVONTON. Different from Central Paradise and so-called Havona Worlds, we are part of so-named Evolutionary Planets. This means that our worlds are in continuum change, and flux movement. We possess a Mind, Soul, and we have the Power of Will to choose between positive and negative activities. The spirit of beings are in continuous connection with our system of Satania and out planet in ordert o help our evolution and to bring Truth and Righteousness into our lives.
More than 38,000 years ago, the Divine Beings, Adam and Eve and their staff (so-named Violent Race) came from Jerusalem (the capital planet of Satania) and descended by our planet in order to genetically upgrade the human race, and also to create centers – workshops – to teach about agriculture, constructions, health, and religion.

More than 4,000 years ago, the great Machiventa Melchizedek (Prince of Salem) was teaching about one, unique, Supreme God, in the times of Abraham. And 2,000 years ago, there was the majestic appearance of Christ Jesus, who took a human incarnation for the Salvation and Redemption of Humanity, and also to portray the loving, graceful personality of the Divine Father.

Special spirit beings, Seraphim, known as a class of angels, can transport human subtle bodies – after passing away – to 7 mansion worlds (satellites of Jerusalem) where they receive resurrection on the Morontia Level. Also, celestial beings, in orderto visit our planet, can use space-crafts, which because of their existence in a high-frequency range, cannot be seen by humans, In very rare situations, when an emergency catastrophic event happens on a planet, Spirit Beings can use, for the sake of life, evacuation by Seraphic Transport, space-crafts, or dematerialization. The author Johnes Ruta possesses mystical qualities and some special states of Awareness-Meditation-Prayer, his mind can get perception of supernatural phenomena, ecstatic joy, rapture, knowledge beyond the material-physical reality. Similarly, we can find this phenomena in some yogic or Tantric Buddhist techniques when the normal stream of consciousness is suddenly broken and the subject is experiencing a special exquisite joy – SARTORI – SAMADHI …. ...“More and more images and emotions of a tidal wave flood over me, finally bursting apart inward over me massive pieces of the Wall of the Dam – the Dam of Consciousness which holds in the Reservoir of the Subconsciousness !”

And sometimes, the spiritual experience can go to a negative Darkside…: “But a looming self-conscious monster stands confronting meand the overwhelming mineral echo of sodium through me causes me to jump to my feet and speechlessly run from the room, never hearing , never knowing the words, or the consequences about my ensuing spatial Void. --”

Or later, the writer evokes:
“Black kaleidoscope shadows spiral apart/ the childhood's model clipper-ship rigging on the wall...”

In Chapter 8 of the eleven chapters, the character John Hauberc undergoes a personal, existential transmutation, and the third-person narrative, with metaphysical dialectic, permanently shifts into the first-person voice of the author himself. Now Ruta describes a peculiar surrealistic event: a bridge that crosses to an uninhabited island of the Atlantean archipeligo. Wild children appear from a different Time/Space dimension….:


...“Where does that bridge go?” I turn to ask my young companions.
“Oh, we don't know,” answers the oldest one. “That's from the After-Time; we can't really walk on it! No one ever comes back from there.”
The novelist receives some vivid glimpses from the Subconscient … about time-traveling:
“Time traveling? Well, you're not the first curious one we've met – This is the year
495 B.A…. What's yours?”
“Before Something…?”
“Before After … You see, we know the exact time when our Land will break apart into the sea.”
The author is experiencing a special mystical state of mind, a fluidity, transparency, transformation of Matter, Energy, Light … a Fifth Dimension of the Unknown … The Universe, the Ultimate Reality… The Supreme Deity…
...“But at the same “time” … I begin to realize that all forward movements movements of of events has come to a complete stop, that space and time now grind to a halt –- and that my emotions and memories of it all are passing through something like a screen tea-sieve, dripping off into a Fifth Dimension of the Unknown, I must first discover and relive of these effects before the Universe can begin to move in any direction, “before forward,” or to repeat itself, from this deteriorated mass of Matter through a state of Pure Energy, then into Light. Everything must first be transformed….”

The author Johnes Ruta, similar to great spiritual searchers, visionaries, or prophets, receives from his Unconscious or Superconscious, flashes of Divine Light, floods of subtle images, an infinite sentiment of ecstatic purity … Joy … :

...“Primordial Man, retreated into the Darkest Jungles of the Earth … Reveled in the glory of the Divine Sustenance…

“And I John saw the New Holy City, coming down from the Heavens –
And all their tears shall be wiped away from their eyes, and there shall be no more death,
Neither any more pain, for the former are passed away …
And let him that is a thirst, let him take freely the Water of Life --” A Universal Love, a spiritual communion, a real brotherhood and sisterhood.
...“A Eucharist of Flesh and Blood.

And finally we came to sit up in a mutual embrace, crying to one another a Communion of Joy...”

  The compassion, Love, Empathy there are essential Light-Streams in the life of Ruta, and in his artistic manifestation…
The universal cosmic polarity, Masculine/ Feminine relation, when complemented by virtues
and ethics, can become a mystic process of Transfiguration in which the fires of passion destroy almost all physical-material components, and becomes a way to infinite ecstasy, rapture, … a way to Satori … Samadhi… ...“Here: we are two natives of this Compendium – Naked Etheric Floating Forms…

The reflective images and Time – Liquid Hopes: Wandering gaze through each other's –
Our happiness moving on and on and further on …
And on in above (upstairs) bedroom once more, Bed, Body, Lovers, stampeding into Satori …
'You can again?' she inquires … 'Then let yourself come inside my heart,' she says, then joined the motion of skin within skin, Soul within Soul,
until the Volcano erupts / She asks, 'What's happened?' an immense orange and yellow incendiary burst casts over our vision a Baptism of Flame …
'Did you see it happen? – This is our hope for the world, John,' she whispers…”

Similar to Christian or Buddhist believers, the soul and heart of Johnes Ruta is expanding – is irradiating toward all beings of the Universe – into a supreme communion – of Love, of Compassion… :

...“But a truer war was fought upon this softer stage. The Darkness half of night, open passage of the picture stream wherein all beings dance, demons prattle, and Angels cry:
“Oh, sweet Peace of dreamless night” … “Hold your enemy within your arms – No Joy was
ever so forgotten… ” And slowly, the sky turning from deepest violet to orange-blue – heliocentric spirals unreel...”


The writer possesses a specific artistic style, an innivative and unpredictable system of using words, the division of pages, and the large pauses… the visual arrangements of verses … a brilliant prose-poem … and the suggestive titles of chapters : (Prolepsis, Inferno, Zenith, Purgatorio, Green Paradise).

The surrealistic novel “Fires Eternal Morning” by Johnes Ruta is a great symphony of human hearts, a fantastic poem of Love and Hope, a magnetic tapestry in which are interwoven cosmic tears of infinite darkness and sorrow, and tears of infinite joy, liberation, mystical ecstasy.
The book “Fires Eternal Morning” is a great masterpiece of modern literature, with multiple mystical, psychological, and philosophical meanings, a holographic image of souls, struggling toward enlightenment, toward Supreme Reality …

Valeriu Boborelu
Former Chair of Painting, Nicolae Grigorescu
Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest , Romania

March – April 2016
New York, NY