Triple-Facet Visions

Three-person show:
Paintings & Drawings by MARIAN DOHERTY, MARC CHABOT,

In the Meeting Room of the
Mitchell Branch New Haven Free Public Library
37 Harrison Street, WESTVILLE, CT 06515

Curated by Johnes Ruta

Meet the Artists Reception: Saturday August 19, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Video camera: Mariellen Chapdelaine
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Marian Doherty - Sailboat
oil pastels 13" x 17" framed
Artist’s Statement – Marian Doherty

- ebbs and flows
- represented by Yin, the female quality
- fluid, shimmery, silky
- with waves that comfort
(like being in the womb)
- reflects various colors of light from the sky

Marian Doherty was born in The Bronx. She received her BA in Arts Administration from
Lehman College CUNY, and studied Painting & Sculpture at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn.
Her home and Studio are located in Milford, CT.

Marian Doherty - Snug in Harbor
oil pastels 13" x 17" framed
Marian Doherty - Thru Car Window
oil pastels 13" x 17" framed

Marc Chabot - Survival of the Fittest
Brush & Ink Drawing on warm white wove paper 13" x 17"
Video camera: Mariellen Chapdelaine
Artist’s Statement – Marc Chabot
Marc Chabot is an artist, curator, lecturer and private dealer in 19th -21st century American and European original prints and works on paper. He is based in Southbury, CT. In 1990, he founded Marc Chabot Fine Arts with a gallery website and exhibits at art fairs up and down the east coast, also documenting the forgotten printmakers of CT. Since 1998 he has been curator of the Natalie Van Vleck
(1901-1981) collections at the Flanders Nature Center and Land Trust, which she founded, located in Woodbury. In 2018 at the Mattatuck Museum, along with the Flanders Art Committee, he curated a retrospective exhibition with catalogue of her modernist works and objects, documenting her pioneering environmentalism and land preservation. Since 1989, Mr. Chabot has taught and run figure drawing and printmaking classes at the Washington [CT] Art Association. He has lectured extensively on many American artists, especially those with ties to Connecticut.

For this exhibit Mr. Chabot has chosen several brush pen ink drawings on paper from imagination of the past 20 years. Mysterious, animated environments seek to engage the viewer in their own visual adventure, asking themselves, where is this taking me? The
centuries old Asian traditions of landscape brush painting and our own 20th century traditions of surrealism and abstraction have informed the artist’s choices. The absence of color focuses attention on the rhythm, velocity and dynamic pulse of line, and the
evolving forms and interactions they suggest. What emerges provides a time and place for contemplation with forces at work, with entities and events taking place, for the viewer to engage with and think about.


Marc Chabot - Nose in a Bad Neighborhood
Sumi Pen Ink Drawing, 13" x 14"
Armando Erba - Serbian Child
acrylic on canvas 12" x 16"
Artist’s Statement – Armando Erba

Armando Erba is a composer, actor, painter, and well-known, acomplished performance artist
in New Haven, where he was born in 1957. His works are deeply informed by his personal
creative mind and wide comprehensive study and knowledge of world literature.
Mr. Erba did a year of paintings in San Franscisco in 1997, these pieces are his results.
Armando Erba - Women of Saigon (Ho Chi Min City)
acrylic on canvas 14" x 18"
Exhibition on view: August 1 – 31, 2023
Library hours: Monday 12noon - 8:00pm; Tues-Thurs - 10am-6:00 pm;
Saturday 10am- 5:00pm. Closed Fridays & Sundays.

Curator: Johnes Ruta, 203-668-6933

Branch Library Branch Manager: Marian Huggins