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Mariellen Chapdelaine - 9 - Emergent Point - The Moon Pit -- mixed media 28.5" x 21"
Artist’s Statement – Mariellen Chapdelaine
Feeling compelled to create spontaneous shapes in various arrays of color with emphasis on detail and texture was where I began. The details, like Fibonacci’s code, led to smaller details which mimicked the large, while the big picture appeared an insinuation and iteration of the tiny. I understood an inherent intelligence was realizing itself in this work which is ‘beyond me’. As a laborer, my job is to configure the forms in whatever medium works to convey the amalgamated concepts which visit me.
I have been a student of the I Ching for forty-some years and an avid admirer of Carl Jung. I learn to unlearn. As a persistent ponderer of synchronicity, I understand the ominous depths that reliance on chance can lead to, and the impossible logic of simultaneously believing and not believing the same thing at the same time. I concluded this was not only possible but desirable since polar opposites exists only in relation to each other. Why shouldn’t the human brain which created names for this symmetry also experience them firsthand?

My artistic process and the work I’ve created are the result of this thought. I am inspired almost exclusively by I Ching Hexagrams which to me convey emotionally logical and highly specific types of shapes or imagery which I transfer most often to heavy paper and sometimes to transparency paper. The next step for a given piece is to photograph and study the base layer and reread the hexagram to identify core energies and the values which are conveying themselves. Subsequent layers, as few as three or as many as twenty, emerge spontaneously in a mental visual picture which I then translate into doable manual actions. I create smaller pieces to incorporate, sometimes doing deep research into the evolution of the Hexagram to locate a layer of ‘meaning’ and its symbols, sometimes drawing or developing graphic imagery which usually alludes to a natural element or an obscure reference..
Mariellen Chapdelaine -- 57 - Subtle Penetration -- mixed media 21" x 17"
Joe Fekieta -- It's Happening All Over the Place -- color-pencil-drawing 01
Artist’s Statement – Joseph Fekieta
The images in the “It’s Happening” series are an abstract interpretation of the esoteric process of reproduction. Included in this theme are concepts of fertili-zation, growth, transformation, decay and death that are demonstrated through invented life forms and sometimes their life cycles. The colored ribbons function as the unexplainable energy which enables the reproductive process to mysteriously begin and continuously grow. The black ribbons assist the reproductive process on its journey and guides it past many obstacles during its many evolutionary stages.

The images are titled with frequently-used cliches obtained from the American vernacular to appropriately explain each drawings reproductive narrative. The narratives work as symbolic representations for pedestrian social issues that permeate human cultures and require relentless engagement to manage and sustain civilization all as a result of the reproductive process.

Joe Fekieta -- It's Happening to Access Desperately Needed Resources -- color pencil drawing 14
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