Latitudes of Myth

Magda Mraz, is an art teacher from the West Haven school system, who paints tall format oil pastel paintings of mythic and mysterious historical scenes. As a curator, I've exhibited her artworks on several occasions. Magda is a resident of Westville, originally from Prague, Czech Republic. She was student at the Industrial School for Ceramics in Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia. In 1967, her family emigrated to the US, and she continued her education at Queens College in New York City, where she earned her B.A. and M.F.A. degrees. ~JR

“I was always interested in a story telling, particularly after I have discovered the existence of cosmic geometry which permeates the whole universe. It is a study of the intertwining of geometric forms and the structures of consciousness. My artwork illustrated the sequential developmental stages in their growing complexity.
The new work includes my illustrations of the two poems by the Persian poet Hafiz and confirms the similar views he held already in his 14th century." ~Magda Mraz


Magda Mraz KEEPING IN TOUCH - acrylic on canvas 22" x 38"
  Kathleen DeMeo is a printmaker, painter, and mixed media artist. Her work has been shown in respected exhibitions including the Center for Contemporary Printmaking’s FOOTPRINT International, Connecticut Women Artists’ national juried exhibition, the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts’ annual, and juried shows at Lyme Art Association, where she is an associate member. Her monotypes have merited several “best in show” prizes among other awards.

"I’ve always been inspired by the natural world. My recent landscapes explore real and imagined places through the lens of the monotype. In a world that assaults our senses every day, I strive to create a feeling of calmness and serenity, and a safe haven, reflecting my reverence for nature.”
~Kathleen DeMeo

Kathleen holds a BFA in graphic design from the University of Connecticut, and has studied printmaking at Creative Arts Workshop for over 25 years.
More of her work can be viewed on her website at http://Kathleendemeo.com/
Kathleen DeMeo NORTHERN LATITUDE - mixed-media monotype 12" x 17"
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