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Katia Jirankova Levanti - SISTERS - oil on canvas, 36"h x 48”w
Katia Jirankova Levanti lives half the year in her native Prague and the other half she spends merging with the waves of the Connecticut coast painting close as possible to the waters. Her concept is called "Subconsciounalism" which she describes:

"I arrived at this name to describe my work after studying deeply in the philosophies and writings of writers whose understanding of the universe and mankind -- though originating from different ends of the scientific and philosophical world - seemed to meet me at the apex of the symbolic pyramid. As one of them said, the four walls could be seen as the four great world religions, all arriving from opposite directions at the common point: where “The eye of God opens”.” For Katia, these four sides could depict quantum physics, psychology, mythology, and art.


Katia Jirankova Levanti - SUN GATES - oil on canvas, 32"h x 48”w
Ralph Levesque THREE UNTOLD TALES acrylic on canvas - triptych 11"x 33"
  Ralph Levesque (b. 1941) is an artist, art teacher and former gallerist living in Higganum, CT. He has a BFA and Masters Degree in Art Education, from the University of Bridgeport, and a teaching certificate from Southern CT State University. I have shown his work on two occasions since a 2008 show at the New Haven Free Public Library. Mr. Levesque writes: "I am a romantic visual poet, aware that all designs and symbols are inspired by the Natural. Therefore, I am not concerned with producing copied images. I seek to find beauty within the concrete, behind the material level. Instinctively and unconsciously I seek the essence of "Universal Beauty," the intrinsic force of all. The reality of matter is always moving, changing, evolving and becoming anew."


Ralph Levesque DREAM CHANT - acrylic on cnavas 20" x 20"
Exhibition on view: September 2nd to 29th, 2022

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