In Need of More Light
A Two-Person art show:

Jane Gilman Fleischner & Larry Morse

In the Meeting Room of the
Mitchell Branch New Haven Free Public Library
37 Harrison Street, WESTVILLE, CT 06515

Curated by Johnes Ruta

Video camera: Mariellen Chapdelaine
Jane Gilman Fleischner SUNSET OVER A SALT MARSH - acrylic on canvas 24" x 16"
  Jane Gilman Fleischner is an artist from Trumbull who maintains a studio at the N.E.S.T. Art Center in Bridgeport. Ms.Fleischner holds a BA in Fine Art from the University of Bridgeport.Her joyful persuit is painting landscapes from Costa Rica to Europe, Utah, and the East Coast, and her main creative focus is a reverence for nature, color, light, and life. At home in her Trumbull CT studio, the photos serve as a reference library to paint from. Jane’s main focus is a reverence for nature, color, light and life within all things. The internal story is a sometimes elusive subject, always present her artwork.
Larry Morse - Reader on the #2 Train - oil on canvas, 31.5" x 41.5"
  Larry Morse is an artist, jazz drummer, and poet, also specializing in recitations from memory of many renowned poets, who currently resides in both New York and Connecticut.

Reading might be an escape from reality for some people, but for artist Larry Morse reading is the answer to the social issues affecting the reality of Black men. "How do we figure and calculate a next step to surviving and dwelling in a culture that clearly does not see us in total? My answer is reading, especially in a sense of under-standing historic realities and to better explain how things are today," said Morse. His idea is embodied in a series of paintings called "Black Men Reading".
A Vietnam veteran, Morse has a BFA from School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, and a masters’s degree in special education from St. Vincent’s College in the Bronx. He worked for many years as a teacher in the New York City public school system. He currently works as a painter in his Bronx studio and in addition, as a Yellow Cab driver in New York City. His work has been shown in numerous locations around Connecticut, including City Lights Gallery in Bridgeport, CT, the Easton Public Library and Carol Peck's Good News Cafe & Gallery in Woodbury, CT.