Invisible Structures in Art
Mitchell Branch New Haven Free Public Library
37 Harrison Street, Westville, CT 06405
Meet the Artists Reception: Thursday, June 23 4:00 pm.

Video camera: Phillip Chambers
Artist Statements
Irene K Miller - SIGHTLINES 5 - monotype 24" x 24"
  Irene K. Miller: “My work is influenced by Post Minimalism and Neo-Geo and focuses on the geometry of circles, rectangles, squares and stripes as conceptual structure to a series of individual ideas. Layering forms relationships, and mark-making can detail patterns that are experiential in life. Combining ephemeral materials such as dirt, dust, seeds, plants and hair with more concrete materials such as photos, wax paper and thread, the work allows for pentimento and the superimposing of serendipitous mark-making reflective of what culturally surrounds us. Incorporating these facets into structural formations such as topographical maps, the visual field of sight, perception, veneers and ocular diseases, this work takes on social relevance.
Philippa Blair - WILD THINGS - acrylic on canvas 30" x 40"
  Philippa Blair: “Philippa Blair employs a full arsenal of abstract expressionist techniques, including the turning of her canvases so that there is no fixed point of view. Her gestures can crash against each other like a multi-car pile up but in fact are controlled impulses, rhythmically taut, expertly choreographed body movements embodied in stroke and color, a bravura orchestration that is both physical and emotional” ?
~ Lily Wei.
Ms Blair is an international artist of New Zealand,  1967 BA at Canterbury University, Christchurch, She was an Artist-in-Residence at the Griffis Art Center in New London in 2002-2003.  In the US, her abstract paintings have been exhibited at the Wickiser Gallery in NYC.
Maralyn Adlin - FLORAL CONVERSATION - oil on canvas 16" x 20"
  Maralyn Adlin: “We live in a world that is constructed or built by specific laws of nature. These forms exist in the natural world and are reflected back to us through all the arts. There may be many ways to express the structures that underpin what we see and hear even our DNA is made in this manner. It is who we are and how we are made. The structure which defines the works are not always visible on the surface but they are there underneath as a scaffold to hold up a mirror of who we are and what  we know to be true.“As a painter I use objects or figures in interiors or landscape settings to express abstract realities which are less about literal representation or narrative. My story lies in paint and placement. I am interested in intersections, vortices, and patterns that happen when objects collide or stand apart to create a distinct tension in the negative areas. The goal is to unify the composition with form and color relationships that make a place of peace and calm or turn tension into stasis.” Ms. Adlin attended the Art Student’s League in NYC and Pratt Institute School of Fine Art, and later C.W. Post College in Brookville, NY where she obtained her degree and Certification in Art Therapy.
Don Wunderlee - SHORE LINES - acrylic on panel 36" x 36"
  Don Wunderlee:  “My work is abstract. I straddle between two genres of abstraction. My contemplative work is reminiscent of Landscape and touches upon themes of time and space. It is through a repetition of linear marks and earth tones that help me achieve that. The other genre I very much enjoy is Geometric Abstraction. It is more playful in nature, experimental and reflects an urge for interconnectedness.”
Exhibition: June 2 – July 2, 2022
Curator: Johnes Ruta, 203-668-6933