"Taking Out the Trash"

Cartoon Paintings by Tony Juliano

"I never wanted to be an "artist," but I am a kind of a cartoon artist," says Tony Juliano, whose medium is acrylic on canvas. "When I was growing up there were comic books that my parents had around the house, like R. Crumb and MAD Magazine." Juliano later graduated from Paier College of Art with a B.F.A. in Illustration. "From my college days I found that the best way to learn is by "trial and error." -- They don’t really teach you cartooning in art school, because it’s considered a lonely and isolated art form. But it’s not true -- cartooning a wonderful art form." Indeed, each of the colorfully playful and skillfully animated motifs in his small works embodies a unique whimsical satire of modern social interaction or some strange phenomena.








Freelance New Haven artist Tony Juliano, who also works at Photo Communications, has done numerous murals, characters, logos, and music album covers. Juliano is a filmmaker and photographer, teaches art, and works extensively with computer graphics software. He self-publishes a comic book called "Agoo," and says that his work is inspired by illustrators like Daniel Clowes ("Eightball,") Julie Doucet ("Dirty Plotte,") and Chester Brown ("Yummy Fur.") His work has been exhibited at Laszlo’s Art Café in Monroe, and at "Koffee?" and Claire’s Restaurant in New Haven. Juliano has also created large wall murals at Polar Joy Ice Cream Shop on Route 80 in North Branford, at Stew Leonard’s Haunted House & Haunted Farm in Norwalk, and at the gift shop for Beyond the Rainbow in Wallingford. He is currently working on a mural at Southbury Training Center, collaborating with local artist Bill Saunders, aka "Little Miss Mess-Up."

In the spirit of his cartoon themes, Twinkees, Snowballs, Cupcakes, cheese doodles and fruit juice will be served at his reception.


The York Square Cinema Gallery

January 15 - February 15, 2001

    Artist’s Reception : Sunday, February 4, 2001 4 – 6 PM

Gallery curator: Johnes Ruta, (203) 387-4933


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