Palette Art Studio Exhibition
paintings by students, ages 4 - 17,
of the Palette Art Studio, Cheshire, CT
(203) 272-5370

Guest Curator: Natasha Piskunova
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Horse  by Josh Benjamin, 12
Fish  by Anna Carolan, 10
Lake  by Maria Carolan, 13
  Town  by Maria Carolan, 13

Best Friends  by Elizabeth Fiedlet, 10   Bottles  by Rebecca Greenberg, 17   Dolphins' Dance  by AnneLiese Juergensen, 17   Blue Still Life  by  Sara Leventhal, 17
Red Still Life  by Amanda Greenberg, 14   Desert  by Shoshana Hereld, 11   Silver Teapot by Margaret  Kimball, 18   Peacock  by Rebecca Larrison, 11
Flying Dog  by Will Muller, 9   Town   by  Konstantin Mushkatin, 6   Lake  by Kristina Pivazyan, 12   Christmas Eve  by Lisa Romanenko, 15
Fish  by Lisa Romanenko, 15   Still Life  by Zack Schreiber, 12   Meditation  by  Eve Wiener, 9   Woods  by Eve Wiener, 9


The York Square Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of the work of the students of the Palette Art Studio in Cheshire, under the training of Ms. Natasha Piskunova who was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. Natasha began her training as an artist when she was only 8 years old. In 1979, she attended the St. Petersburg University of Art and Design and earned her Master Degree in Design in 1984. She worked for eight years as a designer at the St. Petersburg Institute of Design, and as a graphic illustrator in cooperation with her husband, Vitaliy Romanenko. In 1992, she began teaching children painting, composition, and drawing at one of St. Petersburg's leading art schools. In 1995, they moved to New Haven with their family.

In September, 1997 Ms. Piskunova opened the Palette Art Studio. Many of Natasha's works have been displayed in exhibitions alone, as well as with works of her students, both in Russia and the U.S. Her teaching is based on the classic and contemporary Russian school of painting and drawing. Her method provides her students with the ability to gain a strong background in art in a short period of time. Students are able to complete their pictures with a considerably professional level and can express themselves through their artwork. Natasha’s students receive the traditional knowledge of composition, drawing, and painting, and are encouraged to discover for themselves the mediums in which they feel comfortable working, such as gouache, tempera, watercolor, oil, and ink. The ages of students at Palette Art Studio ranges from four years to adulthood, which brings a diversity and variety to their exhibitions. Artwork from Palette Art Studio is annually displayed in exhibitions in New Haven, Woodbridge, and Cheshire.

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3 Palette Studio artists
The Juergensens
3 artists
2 Palette Studio artists
York Square Gallery
Jonathan Margulis


The student artists featured in this exhibition:

Josh Benjamin, 12
Anna Carolan, 10
Maria Carolan, 13
Elizabeth Fiedler, 10
Amanda Greenberg, 14
Rebecca Greenberg, 17
Shoshana Hereld, 11
AnneLiese Juergensen, 17
Margaret Kimball, 18
Rebecca Larrisson, 11
Sara Leventhal, 17
Jonathan Margulis, 11
Will Muller, 9
Konstantin Mushkatin, 6
Kristina Pivazyan, 12
Lisa Romanenko, 15
Zach Schreiber, 12
Eve Wiener, 9

Josh Benjamin, age 12, is in the 7th grade at Amity Jr. High. He has been taking art lessons with Natasha for four years and especially enjoys sketching, as it expresses his creative side.

Anna Carolan, age 10, wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. Anna has attended the Palette Art Studio since second grade. Anna’s predilection for bright colors reflects her optimistic personality. She is in the fifth grade at Beecher Road School.

Maria Carolan, age 13, has been drawing elaborate figures all her life. She has attended Natasha’s drawing classes since she was 9. Maria’s intricate designs reflect her attention to detail and remarkable flair for color. She attends the Hopkins School.

Lizzy Fiedler, age 10, started art lessons five years ago. Her feel for color and style is often reflects in her artwork. She especially enjoys creating images of animals, many of which depict her two dogs. Lizzy is in the fifth grade at Ezra Academy.

Amanda Greenberg, 14, is a freshman student at Cheshire High School. She has been attending art lessons at Palette Art Studio for over four years. Her talents are quite evident in both her realistic still life compositions as well as her contemporary abstract pieces. Amanda's creativity has expanded into other areas of her day to day and it has been most rewarding.

Rebecca Greenberg, 17, was a student at Palette Art studio for over six years and only stopped because she left to begin her studies at Bard College. Her years of training with Natasha Piskanova have had an extreme positive impact on where she chose to go to college as well as her courses of study. Rebecca's talents continue to emerge and develop and this can be attributed to her rich background and many hours of study over these last years.

Shoshana Hereld, 11, is a sixth grader at Ezra Academy and currently in her third year of art lessons with Natasha. Her favorite medium is watercolor and she likes to paint landscapes and people. In her spare time she plays violin and is on the basketball team.

Annelisse Juergensen, 17, attends Cheshire High School. She started taking lessons from Natasha when she was in the 7th grade. Since then, she grew up and developed as an artist. Her favorite subjects to draw are animals and people. In her future, Annelisse wants to write and illustrate children’s books.

Margaret Kimball, 18, has been attending Palette Art Studio for only 2 years. However, her talent and ability to focus on her work let her reach a very high level in her work. This can be seen in her last picture made in this studio. Margaret continues her art education in college and wants to be an art teacher in the future.

Rebecca Larrison, age 11, is a sixth grade student at Ezra Academy. She has been studying art for 5 years with Natasha. In addition to painting, Rebecca studies piano and plays both soccer and softball.

Sarah Leventhal, age 17, goes to Cheshire High School. She has been attending Natasha’s art lessons for 4 years. Sarah’s love for color and her passion for art can be seen in her paintings. She wants to continue art throughout her future, she wants to be a fashion designer.

Jonathan Margulis, 11, has been studying at Palette Art studio for 5 years. The work presented at this exhibition is a gift to his father and is done in anticipation of his visit to Israel in September of 2002. Here he is imagining his Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the sacred place he was about to see for the first time several months after the picture was completed.

William Muller, age 9, has studied painting with Natasha Piskunova for the past two years. Known for his bold strokes and vivid imagination, Will ranks painting as his favorite extracurricular activity. When relaxing at home, he enjoys creating works of Lego art with his twin brother and older sister.

Kostya Mushkatin is almost 6 years old. He has been a student at Palette Art Studio since the summer 2001. He loves painting, drawing, and creating various paper crafts such as paper jets, ships, and cars. While painting, he prefers bright colors that precisely reflect his sunny personality and openness to the world and people around him.

Kristina Pivazyan, age 12, has been taking art classes at the Palette Art Studio for five years. She has a strong sense of color which she derives from her Armenian heritage. She especially enjoys painting landscapes. She is in the seventh grade at Hopkins School.

Lisa Romanenko, age 15, has been attending Palette Art Studio since it was opened. She has strong abilities primarily in areas of drawing and graphics. She enjoys creating intricate illustration-like drawings such as her "Christmas Eve" picture. Lisa is currently a freshman at Choate Rosemary Hall.

Zach Schreiber, age 12, is a sixth grade student at Ezra Academy. He has a rich imagination with enables him not only in art, but in writing poetry, stories, and songs.

Eve Wiener, 9, has been attending Palette Art Studio since she was 4 years old. She is very productive and can complete many pictures in one year. Because of her incredible abilities, we were able to arrange an individual exhibit for her when she was only 6 years of age.


York Square Cinema Gallery

61 Broadway, New Haven, CT 06511

Reception for the artists: Sunday, May 18, 4 - 6 PM
Exhibition: April 13 - May 17, 2003


G allery curator, Johnes Ruta, (203) 387-4933,;