Photographs of marble and stone objects

by stone sculptor Nick Santoro


"During a hot late summer day in September I was relaxing after a swim at the quarry in West Rutland, Vermont, warming myself on a huge marble block when I was lucky enough to have my camera with me to photograph the reflections of the water undulating off the quarry walls. Subsequently, Iíve been using my Pentax K-1000 to depict a sculptorís view of the world."

Nick Santoro is best known for 25 years of carving stone sculptures and teaching students how to use hand tools to shape marble and limestone. In this "Sculptorís Eye" show he has turned to photography, using mostly stone for his subjects.

Gad Zooids
photograph: Cibachrome print
Homage to Constantine
photograph: Cibachrome print

"I grew up in the 50ís and early 60ís in Brooklyn, New York," says Santoro, "where Iíd use a pen knife to carve my initials into the hot summer asphalt streets. After my city upbringing I went out to the Midwest and earned a Literature degree from the University of Iowa. In the mid-70ís I started carving again, stone this time, at the Corcoran Art School in Washington, D.C., where I fell in love with shaping Indiana limestone using hammers and chisels and assorted files and rasps and sanding stones.


Old Quaried Stone
photograph: Cibachrome print
Stone Laden
photograph: Cibachrome print
  I hope the elemental beauty of stone and by extension some of the ineffable joy Iíve experienced working it daily reaches out from these 2D images. Iíve derived great satisfaction from looking at, touching, and sculpting all kinds of natural, cut, and uniquely shaped stones. This calling has been a direct, tactile, demanding, mysterious, and noble pursuit."  
Fingers of the Law
(restoration construction of Rutland, VT Courthouse)

photograph: Cibachrome print
Kate's Carving
photograph: Cibachrome print

In June 2003, Santoro participated in "The Divided World" exhibition at the York Square Gallery, showing "Bro: Elegy To The 2nd Amendment," a bullet-pocked head-stone and two sculptural wall assemblages made of assorted organic and man-made materials. In November 2003, he showed his stone sculptures, paintings and assemblages at Alexey von Schlippe Gallery at the UCONN, Avery Point campus where his sculptures can still be seen.

Mystery Entrance
photograph: Cibachrome print
Stone Tower
photograph: Cibachrome print

I would like to honor the memory of our dear friend JOHN PELVERT, who passed away Sunday evening, March 6. Johnís intelligence, skill, and wit will be missed by the New Haven art community. John executed the digital print in the show, and his work is currently at Leaf Photography on Orange Street.

Special thanks to Photoland Pro (203) 624-4441 and Joseph Cifferelli Studios (203) 624-1392.

Additional framed & unframed prints are available. Contact curator (203) 387-4933.


Artist Reception: Sunday, MARCH 6, 4 to 6 PM


Exhibition: February 17 to March 22, 2005


The York Square Cinema Gallery

Gallery curator: Johnes Ruta (203) 387-4933