Puppets’ Cabal

Paintings and works on paper inspired by puppets, politics and absurdist theatre

by Liz Goldberg

Exhibition: November 16 - December 28, 2002

Liz Goldberg has an MFA in Painting and Graphics from Pratt and a BFA from York University.
She has taught at Parsons School of Design, the Main Line Center for the Arts, the Abington
Arts Center in Pennsylvania, and is currently on the Art faculty of Philadelphia University. Her
art works have received professional recognition since the mid-1980s and are represented by
the Ciano Gallery in Philadelphia and the Lindenberg Gallery in New York. She has had eleven
solo exhibitions, numerous juried group shows in the U.S. and Canada, and is the recipient of
the LeeWay Foundation Window of Opportunity Grant for Women in Art 2000, the Pennsylvania Council for the Arts Individual Artists Fellowship in 1999, the Wayne Visual Arts Grant for painting, the Muse Film Award for animation, over two dozen national and international jury awards, and
major international exhibit invitations from organizations such as the Henson Foundation.

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"Sophie Restrained"
oil on handmade paper
14 x 17", 2000

"Puppets' Cabal"
oil on hadmade paper
14 x 17", 2000

In September, her animated film "Drumba," a collaboration with film-maker Warren Bass, was
shown at the New Haven Film Fest at the York Square Cinema. In 1994, she received the Muse
Film Award for Animation.

"Madame T"
watercolor,oil, graphite
22 x 30", 2002

"Coney Island Divas # 1"
oil on hadmade paper
22 x 30", 1999

On the formal level, she thinks of herself as a colorist who is interested in the interaction between color, line and gesture, and in the complex and suggestive depiction of personality through
painterly means. She is currently working on an extensive series of paintings, prints, works on paper, and animations inspired by puppets and absurdist theater, from the gnome-like characters
of Alfred Jarry's "Ubu Roi" to the buffoons of Michel de Ghelderode, and the symbolist and political figures of Eastern European puppet theatre.

"Hanibella & Her Fella"
oil on canvas
38 x 48", 2000

"Hanibella's Curtain Call"
oil on canvas
38 x 48", 2000

According to Ms Goldberg "I find this imagery to be a freeing force, giving me considerable license
to explore colorist and gestural solutions to the depiction of the contradictions these images embody. They are flamboyantly uninhibited as personalities, often selfish, mischievous, egotistical, erotic, even maniacal exaggerations of human character."

Her collaborative work in animation with filmmaker Warren Bass has aired on Public Television and has received recognition from juries of over two dozen international festivals in seven countries, including the First Place Experimental Award at the 2001 New Haven Film Fest.

"Kissenger & The Monkey Queen"
oil & graphite
38 x 48", 2001

"Coney Island Divas"
oil & graphite
38 x 48", 2001


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