"Amy Blue" oil paintings
Laurel Griffy Caprio watercolor nudes
Byuck Song Lee figurative paintings

Artists’ Reception: Sunday, February 15, 4:00 - 6:30 PM

Exhibition Review in the Yale Daily News:
"Erotic Art Titillates, Celebrates the Body"

Amy Blue

"Creativity is like a runaway horse—" says "Amy Blue", aka Wendy Gell. "You just try to hold on tight and love the ride." Amy’s expilicitly sexy and often funny oil paintings were shown at the 2001 Erotic Art Fair at the NY Gay & Lesbian Community Center, and at the "Erotica" show at the Hygienic Arts Cooperative in New London, February 2002, along with the work of Wendy Gell, Eric Hammer, and Lou Joachim Martins.

oil on canvas, $950
"Tiger Lust"
oil on canvas, $NFS

"People ask me if I’ve had the experiences that I paint, and I have to say, ‘not most of them.’" The influences of Chagal and Gustav Klimpt are apparent Amy’s art. "My work is like ‘Matisse takes a vacation at the Kajuraho Temple in India,’ where the erotic statues stand so proud."

"Gothic Interior:
(in memory of Balthus, 2/2002"
oil on panel, $800

Amy is swept along by events as if in a whirlwind. "Each is an oil painting on canvas, a narrative of characters in historical, mythical, Biblical, and fantastic settings," done in sensual brush strokes, with a soft and glowing color palate: lovely women and seductresses of history, beautiful lesbian couples and threesomes indulged with fruit and flowers, or whimsical scenes of spanking. Each painting is a window into the wit, wonder, and exaltation of Eros.

"Morning Raga"
oil on panel, $NFS
"Roman Encounter at the Well"
oil on panel, $NFS


Laurel Griffy Caprio

"My watercolor ladies are wonderfully full of life and fun. Their self-confidence radiates through layers of painted flesh, without makeup and fancy clothes. Bright colors and subdued lights work together to create individual expression and the rich tones and subtle strokes of watercolor convey intimacy and sensuality."

"Banana Leaf"
original watercolor on paper, 6 x 10" $1100
Fine Art Giclee' Print $95
Framed Giclee' Print $175
"Purple Couch"
original watercolor on paper, 6 x 10" $1100
Fine Art Giclee' Print $95
Framed Giclee' Print $175

"I use a limited color palette, introducing no more than 1 or 2 vibrant colors to create a background or mood. The additional colors thrust each subject to the forefront and provide greater dimension within the painting.

"Take My Picture"
original watercolor on paper, 6 x 10" $1100
Fine Art Giclee' Print $95
Framed Giclee' Print $175
original watercolor on paper, 6 x 10" $1100
Fine Art Giclee' Print $95
Framed Giclee' Print $175


Real beauty is what love perceives. A loving companion looks past the outward appearance of their confidant and is proud to be called their ‘best friend.’"

"Grape Stain"
original watercolor on paper, 6 x 10" $1100
Fine Art Giclee' Print $95
Framed Giclee' Print $175
"Green Moss"
original watercolor on paper, 6 x 10" $1100
Fine Art Giclee' Print $95
Framed Giclee' Print $175


Byuck Song Lee

Byuck Song Lee, 25, who lives in Seoul, Korea, is a graduate student at the Art Institute of Boston, and comes from an artistic family. His oil on canvas artworks sometimes have an acrylic base, and show the strength of figurative draftsmanship. His partially autobiographical paintings of single and double figures focus on the essence of the female, and revolve around the personal psychological and sexual drama between artist and his model.

oil on linen, 11"h x 14"w; $650

"Being Desired"
oil on canvas, 48"h x 34"w, $SOLD
"Green No. 14"
oil on canvasl, 36"h x 24"w, $900

A dedication written to a collector's request, at the purchase of "Being Desired."

The evocative sensuality of abandonment in the naked female figure: Her name is perhaps "Katerina," or another name which ends in "ah."
She sits perched, back unsupported, straight up, revealing all of her skin to the implied presence
of her viewer -- perhaps seated on a Persian carpet, perhaps upon a bed's comforter, perhaps upon the soft moss of earth. She sits perched, thighs closed, with soft tension in her shoulders.. but leaning at once back and forward: back into the reverie of her own desire, the reverie of her own dream now being lived; and leaning forward, her forearms poised and giving... giving in to the
ready grasp of her lover.

Her eyes remain nearly closed, her sight drawn within; head tilted back to the side; lips slightly open. Wisps of her own blonde hair, slightly mussed across her eyes, are perhaps
all she sees from within her view.

A bright golden light from her left glows in her
soft skin, and this source of light illuminates her limbs -- a light in which we have forgotten the
time of day -- perhaps of refracted sunlight captured in the in the gentle creases of her inner
elbows -- a light glowing upon her outer wrist, traced in a long line up to her shoulder, shadowing where her arm caresses the side of her breast. Perhaps it is now the light of a
shaded lamp as daylight faded... for we have
now lost the sense of time, in the slowing of motions as we are drawn together.

The painter's frame is composed like a devotional art piece: the background of gray shadowed wall, with its green undertone, divides itself along a horizontal slope slightly declined down to the right, like the line of cushions against the wall behind, or an evenly cut stone wall... But every line now mesmerizes, like a line of Time that recedes slowly down to an edge beyond the canvas, moving her closer, into the moments which will follow.
... The shadow and light enclose the curvature of her hips -- almost a Cubist's shadow -- and surrounds her waist, giving the supple contours of her body, in the space of the artist's dimension -- giving form and equilibrium to her balance in motion, giving contour to her skin where the hollow of the navel becomes a mystery of
deep shadow. Her forearms and upper arms are turned forward, her hands reach forward to hold both the bottom corners of the frame. The shadowed sinews of her wrists support the self-assured carriage of her rib-cage, and the rib-cage the rise of her bosom.

The perfect swells of both her breasts, with their nipples that ask kisses, stand forth, to weight her closer forward in space, into her lover's gaze, and into his reach. And between these breasts the shadows fall into the divide where hides her heart within, beating with the knowledge of her own identity, and the meaning of her nakedness.

Written by Johnes Ruta
The York Square Gallery
12 March, 2004



Exhibit: February 3 - March 6, 2004

The York Square Cinema Gallery

61 Broadway * New Haven, CT 06511

Gallery curator: Johnes Ruta (203) 387-4933