Memory Compulsions

paintings and drawings by
Ebenezer Sunder Singh


Ebenezer Sunder Singh, a Fullbright scholar from Madras, India, constructs images with allegorical/religious references, displaying metaphysical aspects of Shiva, angels, and the human figure, with a mastery of texture, equilibrium, tonality, and rhythm. His references cross several cultures because he comes recently from the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India, studying at the Madras College of Art there, and at Kingston University in Surrey, U.K. He is presently working with the Art Institute of Boston, and hopes to do his graduate work here in the U.S. Building references in his writing to "elemental forces," the "Body's compulsions," "matter
& energy," "memory packages," and "spiritual plethora," his artwork is committed to developing a visual vocabulary of his spiritual experience. His evocative figures each fall within a fixed translucent geometric form, visualizing personal thought and the intimacy of human emotions, such as the mutual sharing of breath and the experience of sexual parity in free-fall. These aspects of the human being could be called the "Meta-Figuative."

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Bamboo Forest
acrylic emulsion on handmade paper, 32"w x 26"h
acrylic on handmade paper, 22"w x 16"h
The Senses
tempera & watercolor painting
on handmade paper, 40"w x 29"h
Working on hand-made paper in tempera, acrylics, or acrylic emulsion, Ebenezer explores the inner color complexity of the human torso: contrasts of blue, red, and orange blend to manifest the throat chakra and a mandalla centered over the navel chakra. He describes a visionary experience invoking the symbolism of the Snake, representing not only its mythic history going back to the Orphic and Mesopotamian creation epics, but also the alchemical Uroboros dragon biting its own tail -- an intuitive miniature of a molecular bonded hydrocarbon ring, revealing the creation of the Universe.
Lotus Dream
charcoal drawing on paper, 16"w x 22"h
Embryonic II
charcoal drawing on paper, 16"w x 22"h
Ebenezer has exhibited his art work at the Easel Gallery in Madras, at the Pundole Art Gallery in Bombay, and Museum for Indische Kunst and at Galerie Bellview in Berlin, Germany, and at A.I.R. Gallery in London. His writing is included in three catalogs: "Fibre Glass Sculptures and Painted Books," "The Hollow Men, The Stuffed Men," and "Inspirationen."

The Two Principals
acrylic emulsion on
handmade paper, 26"w x 32"h
Embryonic I
dry pastel on
handmade paper, 16"w x 22"h

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