The Dark Room

Photography and installation by Deborah Renee Kaplan

Exhibition: April 30 – June 1, 2002

Reception : Sunday, May 5, 4-6 PM

Deborah Kaplan is a graduate student at Yale in the Sculpture Department. Her show for the public at the York Square Gallery follows her MFA exhibition in March at the Yale Holcombe Greene Gallery on Chapel Street in New Haven. Her work explores aspects of perception in the casting of shadows, and the objectification of forms -- also seen generating space in three dimensions. "A shadow tells us something exists," she says.

Ms. Kaplan’s work is in the collections of art theorist Arthur C. Danto and sculptor Leonard Baskin. While a student of Baskin at Hampshire College, he said of her work, "Kaplan possesses that incalculably rare capacity to perceive reality in a Piazzetta-like smudge of sfumatso, a reality that
is a once delicate and strong, evocative and declarative, atmospheric and palpable. In her studies
of Michelangelo’s searchings, she seems to have absorbed great pictorial riches from their felicities and powers."

Deborah Kaplan has shown her work at the McKee Gallery, NYC; and at the Corcoran Gallery, Washington, DC. Her work has been selected by curators from the Museum of Modern Art for
various gallery shows in the US.

Before coming to Yale School of Art, Kaplan studied in France at the New School for Social Research, at the Lacoste Program though the Cleveland School of Art, and at the Marchutz School
of Drawing, Painting & Art Criticism, in Aix-in-Provence. She studied at the New York Studio School for four years, where she received a scholarship to study at the Chatauqua School of Art in upstate New York, and was nominated to study at Skowhegan. After graduating, she received the Excellence in Sculpture and Painting Merit Award.

Ms. Kaplan has recently worked as a Teaching Assistant for "Intro Sculpture," at the Yale School
of Art. In 1999 and 2000, she taught "Experimental Art," at Henry Street Settlement, NYC. In addition, since Fall of 2000, she has served in the Graduate-Professional Student Senate, and as a Student Representative in the Yale School of Art. In her poetry, she also describes the motives and perceptions that inform her artwork.

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