Window on the Black Sea

In celebration of the 85th Birthday of US Poet Laureate Emeritus William Meredith,

the York Square Gallery presents the work of four contemporary artists of Bulgaria:

Lidia Assenova

Boiko Dimitrov

Lucien Liko (Dimitrov)

Nikolai Marinov

Guest-curated by Richard Harteis.

Lidia Assenova paints fragment images of religious icons. She was born in 1955
in Blagoevgrad, and graduated from the University of Veliko Turnova, studying Painting and Composition, which she presently teaches there at the Centre for the
Arts. Since 1980, she has been participating in regional and international exhibitions.

Boiko Dimitrov was born in Blagoevgrad in 1967, and graduated from the College St. Ivan Risky in Dupnitsa. He has had four solo exhibitions, in Sofia and at Alexey von Schlippee Gallery, UCONN at Avery Point, Groton, CT. Boikoís icon paintings depict religious imagery and symbols which hold in balance a division of the principles of the divine and the real, dissecting the architectural view of a field around a focal area, creating an enigmatic transfiguration of time.

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Lucien Liko Dimitrov works in monumental plastic art & wood sculpture, and does colored wood cuts and watercolors. He graduated from the National College of Applied Arts, Sofia, and the National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia. His works are in the permanent collection of the National Art Gallery in Sofia, as well as galleries and private collections in Georgia, Greece, Yugoslavia, and many countries of Western Europe and the US. Marine motifs appear in his watercolor compositions. His process of form and deformation accents both the immaculately homogeneous and the weird and gaudy.

Nikolai Marinovís pictures are filled with images and signs, overlapping each other in a two-dimensional plane. His abstractions are similar to tales told with a single word. Born in 1959 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, he graduated in 1997 from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. Since 1985, he has participated in the General Art Exhibitions of Union of Bulgarian Artists, and exhibitions of the Society of Artists in Plovdiv.

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The York Square Cinema Gallery

Exhibition: April 22 - May 24, 2004

Gallery curator: Johnes Ruta (203) 387-4933