Collages on exhibit: September 29 - October 29, 2004

at the York Square Cinema Gallery

61 Broadway, New Haven 06511.

You are cordially invited to the Artist Reception: Sunday, October 3, 4 to 6 PM


"I believe that Art must reflect & not ignore our times," says Pedro DeClet. "We must deal with what is painful in order to bring relief, bring light to what is dark, and balance to a man-made unbalanced world."

DeClet is a completely self-taught artist, who although working in multiple mediums, considers himself foremost a Painter. "My subject matter is everything having to do with life, Love, hate, joy, fear, pain, happiness, sorrow, and everything in between. I Paint what others can't or won't. I believe that ideas are only as good as the content that embodies them. I Paint the truth. Painting should be as real as the Paint put on the canvas or paper. It need not be figurative, but should carry the weight & conviction of a soul."

"A Review of America's Old Glories"
5 ft. x 9 ft. collage on panel
"Portrait de Genocide"
5 ft. x 4 ft. collage on panel
"Flag for Pedro Albiz Campos"
5 ft. x 4 ft. collage on panel
DeClet has had several solo shows at the New Haven Public Library main branch, and "The Fall of Icarus" at the Henry Carter Hull Library branch, also shown at Norwalk Community Technical College; 'Protest', and "Born Behind Bars," at The Buttonwood Tree Gallery in Middletown; 'Immortal: Pedro Martin De Clet, The Paintings of a Demi-God', at The Discovery Museum in Bridgeport; "Night Gallery," Dagget Square, New Haven. DeClet's works are in many significant art collections around the US and the world.
Pedro Martin DeClet

Exhibition History

Solo Shows

Self-Portraits: The New Haven Free Public Library, New Haven; Connecticut. October 1 - 31, 2003.
'A Year Later', The New Haven Public Library, New Haven; Connecticut. September 2 - 30, 2002.
'Protest', The Buttonwood Tree Gallery in Middletown, CT. April 15 - May 31, 2002.
'Collages': 1993-2001, The New Haven Public Library, New Haven, CT. September 7 - October 31, 2001.
'The Fall of Icarus' & Other Works, The Henry Carter Hull Library, Clinton, CT. September 1 - November 30, 2000.

"The Fall of Icarus", Norwalk Community Technical College Gallery, Norwalk; Ct. August 25 - October 8, 1999.
'Immortal: Pedro Martin De Clet, The Paintings of a Demi-God', The Discovery Museum, Bridgeport; Ct, Sept.6 - Oct.31, 1998.
"Boricua", The Buttonwood Tree, Middletown; Ct. Sept.1 - Oct.10, 1997.
Night Gallery, Dagget Square, New Haven; Ct. March - April, 1996.
Parkville Business Center, Hartford; Ct. February -April., 1996.
Pedro Martin DeClet: Born Behind Bars", The Buttonwood Tree, Middletown; Ct. November - December, 1993.

Group Shows

City-Wide Open Artists Studios, Science Park, New Haven, CT, October 7 - 29, 2003.

"THE ART OF HISTORICAL REVELATION: THE DIVIDED WORLD," The York Square Cinema Gallery, New Haven, CT, June 19 - July 18, 2003.
Hygienic Art 24, Hygienic Gallery, New London, CT, January 25 - February 9, 2003.
City-Wide Open Artists Studios, Pirelli Building, Long Wharf, New Haven; Connecticut. October 14-31, 2002.
Reflections': September 11, Norwalk Community College, Norwalk, CT, November 16, 2001 - January 11, 2002.
City-Wide Open Studios, New Haven, CT. October 15-31, 2001.
'La Ventana Abierta' (The Open Window), Ninth Square, New Haven, CT, June 30 - September 15, 2001.
New Haven Healing Arts Collective: An Exhibition of Works & Words by New Haven Artists, New Haven Public Library, New Haven, CT, May - June, 2001. 2000
City-Wide Open Artists Studios, Smoothie Building, New Haven; Ct. October 6 - 21, 2000.


"In Bloom", Norwalk Comm. Tech. College Gallery,

Norwalk; Ct. June 4 - August 17, 1999.


"39 Annual Barnum Festival Juried Art Exhibition, The Discovery Museum, Bridgeport; Ct. June 26 - August 1, 1997.
CPA Annual Show, Civic Center Mall, Hartford, CT. June 5 - 28, 1997.
"Out of Into", Lukacs Gallery, Fairfield University. Fairfield, CT, February 24 - March 21, 1997.
"Heaven & Hell", Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT, January 17 - March 9, 1997.

CPA Annual Show, Hartford Civic Center Mall, Hartford, CT, May, 1996.
"Art from Connecticut's Prisons", New Haven Free Public Library, Ct. November - January, 1995.
CPA Annual Show, Tower Business Center, Hartford, CT, 1995.


"The Fall of Icarus" oil on canvas

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Darien News Review, Guild mounts uncommon works in 'Wealth of
Grays', July 1.


West Hartford News, 'Art in Correction' showcases the work of convicts, July 9. Illustrated




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Gallery Hours: Saturday & Sunday: 1 to 10 PM Monday thru Friday: 5 to 10 PM.

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