artworks by
Lorraine A. Agri ... Ginny Rogers
Christine Goldbach ... Virginia Zic

May 3 - August 15, 2006

Virginia Zic Converge, watercolor, $1000

Lorraine Agri says: "I like to work with traditional and non traditional techniques, combined with painting & printmaking, experimenting with concepts, color and contrasting materials. My art is eclectic and deals with events that influence my emotions. For me the act of painting becomes cathartic. Visual metaphors encourage metamorphosis; works change in the process of creating them. My paintings and prints feature abstractions of realistic and imaginary subjects." Lorraine attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Mass College of Art Boston. She is membership director for the CT Chapter of the Women's Caucus for Art.

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Lorraine Agri, Crystal Forrest, oil on canvas, watercolor collage,
$Price on request
Lorraine Agri, Organics, watercolor collage, $Price on request
Lorraine Agri, Treasure, watercolor collage, $Price on request
  Christine Goldbach says: My inspiration comes from a certain quality of light and atmosphere or a combination of colors to find beauty & meaning in everyday life.. I'm drawn to subjects with strong design elements. I prefer the immediacy of painting from life" Ms. Goldbach is an adjunct professor of Art at Sacred Heart Univ. & a teacher at Silvermine School of Art. She has a BA in Graphic Design from Southern CT State University, & has won prizes at the Stratford Art Commission and the New Britain Museum of Art.  
Christine Goldbach, Storm at Popham, oil on canvas, 18"w x 10" h, $Price on request
Christine Goldbach, Path to the Eight Hole,
oil on canvas
, 20"w x 10" h, $Price on request
Christine Goldbach, Evening at Parker Head,
oil on canvas
, 20"w x 10" h, $Price on request
Christine Goldbach, Lane at McQuiot's, oil on canvas,
20"w x 10" h, $Price on request
Christine Goldbach, Red Barn, oil on canvas,
20"w x 10" h, $Price on request
Christine Goldbach, Sunrise over the Neck, oil on canvas,
18"w x 10" h, $Price on request
  Ginny B. Rogers says: "Developing artistic imagery is a repeating cycle for me, realities turn to memories, memories return to reality. It is always a journey of transformation. Beginning with an object or experience of personal significance. using mind's eye to create an image." Ginny Rogers is creating artwork in mixed media combining her past experience with painting, printmaking, and collage. She received her MFA degree from George Washington University and is a designer and educator. She is a juried member of the American Society of Contemporary Artists, NYC, & also served on the Board of New York Artists Equity. She exhibits in New York City, CT, & Indiana, recently at Art Place, Southport, Sacred Heart University, and Fairfield U.  
Ginny B. Rogers, Trees, drawing, $Price on request
Ginny B. Rogers, Vote Green, watercolor collage,
$Price on request
Ginny B. Rogers, Box, watercolor collage,
$Price on request
Ginny B. Rogers, Pandora Did It, watercolor collage,
$Price on request
  Virginia Zic writes: "Elements of the landscape are abstracted in a very individual way in my drawings and paintings. Color and dynamic shape patterns reflect an inner force or energy that is intended to immerse and engulf the viewer." Subtleties of color, hue, and dramatic qualities of light become energizing factors of the monumentality and enigmatic essence in the boulders projecting from within the earth's surface -- a mood of awe and mystery is distilled in these quiet places, revealing universal images deep within the psyche. Ms. Zic is Professor Emerita at Sacred Heart University, where she established the Department of Art and Design and taught the both Fine Arts and Graphic Design. She received an MA in Painting and Drawing from Villa Schifanoia in Florence, Italy, and an M.FA in Advertising Design from Syracuse University.  
Virginia Zic, Crimson Facets, watercolor, $Price on request
Virginia Zic, Heart Rock, watercolor, $Price on request


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