"The Future of Painting"
Paintings by 4 young artists of
Palette Art Studio, Cheshire, CT
Guest Curator: Natasha Piskunova, teacher

Artists' Reception: Wednesday, June 24, 2009, 5:30-7:30

This exhibition showcases the work of four talented young artists. They are all students at Palette Art Studio, where they have been taking art classes for many years. Their time and dedication to their artwork yielded the results that we see in this show.

The Palette Art Studio was founded in 1997, by artist and teacher Natasha Piskunova. Piskunova teaches mostly painting, while her husband, Vitaliy Romanenko, teaches an advanced drawing class for experienced students. The studio employs both innovative and traditional teaching methodology. Students are systematically introduced to the fundamental concepts and skills of painting and drawing. They learn to understand and manipulate structure, form, color, and composition, utilizing a broad range of mediums and techniques. At the same time, personal artistic expression and growth are encouraged, and students enjoy the process of creation. Teaching methods are individualized and flexible, and therefore students of all ages thrive in this dynamic and exciting setting.

  Anne Fowler is 14 years old and has been taking classes at Palette Art Studios for six years beginning in gouache and continuing with oil painting for the past three years. Anne attends The Foote School, in New Haven Connecticut where she is the goalie and captain of the field hockey team. She is also co-editor of the student newspaper, and co-head of the school’s Model Congress debate team. Anne also has a passion in theater’s behind-the-scenes. Anne hopes to continue in an art concentration program in college. She lives in Guilford, Connecticut with her parents and younger brother.  
Ann Fowler "Canal in St. Petersburg" oils on canvas, 2007, age 12.
Ann Fowler "Woman" oils on canvas, 2009, age 14.


Yekaterina Satanina is 16 years old. She had a disposition towards art in elementary school. She moved to Connecticut with her family in 2005 when she was 12, and soon they found out about the Palette Art Studio and decided to take lessons there. She loved learning the principles of painting and drawing from the start. A year later, in 8th grade, she began attending the drawing class, as well, and loving it just as much.

Yekaterina has been working with various media and techniques, including gouache, oil, pencil, charcoal, and pastels. Her works were shown in every exhibition since she started learning at the studio. She appreciates everything her teachers and parents have done for her, and hopes to continue her study of art in her following high school years and in college, eventually pursuing a career in the artistic field.

Yekaterina Satanina "Orange Sunset" oils on canvas, 2008, age 15.

Yekaterina Satanina "Among the Branches" oils on canvas, 2009, age 16.
  When Eve Wiener turned one, her parents bought her an easel for her birthday. Barely able to reach, she stood on a step stool mesmerized for hours, filling every space on the page with color before moving on to the next image. Painting has remained Eve’s favorite activity ever since. At four, Eve was accepted to study under Natasha Piskunova of the Palette Art Studio in Cheshire. By seven years old, Eve exhibited in a solo show at Koffee, in New Haven. For the past 11 years, she has remained one of Natasha’s most prolific and dedicated students.

Now fifteen, Eve commutes daily to Westchester Hebrew High School in Mamaroneck, New York. When she is not painting, Eve is an honor student, enjoys creative writing and plays on the school’s Varsity Hockey team. Eve lives in the Westville section of New Haven with her parents and two brothers. Eve Weiner is presently 15 years
old and she started taking classes with me when she was 4. Her work is creative and she is a very skilled painter. She is very serious and dedicated to her art.

Eve Wiener "Composition with Three Pears" oils on canvas, 2008, age 15.

Eve Wiener "Abstract Trees" oils on canvas, 2008, age 14.
  Karen Yang showed an interest in art when she was four years old and has continued to draw and paint since then. At age eight she started the lessons at Palette Art Studio with Natasha Piskunova. There she began painting with
gouache, and, as she grew older, oil. At around nine Karen started to learn drawing. A year later, she attended the drawing classes with Vitaliy Romanenko in the hope of improving her skills. Karen not only wishes to perfect her skills with practice but also to study art when she gets older, and eventually to pursue a career in that field one day. Luckily, she has two great art teachers and a loving family by her side.
Karen Yang "Trees" oils on canvas, 2007, age 9
Karen Yang "Still Life with Violin" oils on canvas, 2008, age 10.
Exhibition: June 18 -July 21, 2009

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