cARIng & shARIng
paintings by members of the Artists Initiative
of ARI of Connecticut
Artists' Reception: Saturday, April 25, 2009, 2:30 to 4:30 PM.
ARI (Always Reaching for Idependence) of Connecticut, located in Stamford, has provided jobs, homes, and services to individuals with developmental disabilities for over five decades.  The ARI Artist Initiative was founded in 2003 by artist 
Donald Axleroad, and since then, the ARI artists have been producing art work that has been displayed in many art exhibitions. 
The ARI group presently consists of 17 artists of varying ages. Along with Don Axleroad, its teachers include Charles Wiesenhahn, Julian Judge, and Carol Lyngholm. 
Marion Bailey "Landscape"  color pencils on paper
Marlon Bailey works for the ARI Landscape Crew. He draws airy trees and landscapes.
Elisa Bruno  "Happy Forest"  color pencils on paper
Elisa Bruno lives in an ARI Group Home, and works for ARI Housekeeping. She works with bright colors, natural forms, and cartoon characters.
Mark Combrinck-Hertz "The Boat"  color pencils on paper
Mark Combrink-Hertz, 30, lives in his own apartment, and works for Stop & Shop. He enjoys opera and the Stamford Symphony. He enjoys painting with bright colors.
Samantha Downing  "Primitives"  color pencils on paper 
Samantha Downing lives in her own apartment, and works in the Mailroom at GE Capital. She paints primitive and mythic figures, beach scenes, using bright colors.
Maggie Fiore  "Untitled"   gouache on paper
 Maggie Fiore lives in Stamford. She is an original member of the ARI Art Class, and paints flowing abstractions using bright colors.  
Tommy Gallagher  "Castle"   color pencils on paper
Tommy Gallagher, 37, works in the ARI Mailroom and volunteers in Stamford's Recycling Program. His brilliantly colored artwork works with geometric forms and faces. 

Jimmy Goldsmith  "Our Home"  watercolors on paper
Jimmy Goldsmith, 72, is married and lives in his own Stamford apartment. He works with watercolors and colored pencils. 

Marie Kerr  "Abraham Lincoln"  color pencils on paper

Marie Kerr, works in the ARI Mailroom in the Group Employment Program. She lives in her own apartment, and is a volunteer at New Covenant House.

Francine McMillan  "Thanksgiving"  color pencils on paper

Francine McMillan lives in her own apartment and works in the ARI Mailroom. She enjoys drawing people and natural forms.


Laura Navarrette  "House"  color pencils on paper

Laura Navarrette is originally from Bogata, Columbia, and studies in the Living Skills program. She uses bright colors to draw joyful domestic scenes.

Naftali Soto  "Birds"  color pencils on paper
Naftali Soto lives in an ARI Group Home, and works for Stop & Shop. Working with colored pencils, he draws birds and natural forms.
Exhibition: April 9 - May 13, 2009.

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