Independent Curator : Johnes Ruta,
(203) 387-4933,



The central focus of artwork presentions is in the field of progressive and avant-garde visual ideas.

One of the focal points of gallery exhibitions is the mission to bring extraordinary international art work to the New Haven region. Examples of this mission over the years include the abstract paintings of Georges Saru, the long-time Dean of the Painting Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest, Romania, and the mystical works of his successor, Valeriu Boborelu; abstract expressionist paintings by Ioan Popoiu. From South America: figurative fantasy-scapes Noriam Agudelo de Mejia, founder of the Primitive-Modernist Movement in Colombia; and figurative landscapes by Lisie Orjuela of Argentina; abstract mystical watercolor paintings and ancient temple painting reproductions by Mandalika Manjusri of Sri Lanka; mythological etchings by Russian print-maker Marina Korenfeld, and paintings Elena Keller from Moscow, and Genady Shikarov from St. Petersburg, Russia. A group show of contemporary artists of Vietnam was sponsored by artist/former restaurateur Bach Nguyen. Persian style collage by Iranian artist Afarin Rahmanifar; contrasting the role of women in Persian traditions with that of the depiction of women in Western advertising. In a group show from Leon, Nicaragua, sponsored by the Sister Cities Project. Paintings in the traditionalist style were shown by Chinese artists Liang Wei and Tong Wang. A poetry-concrete photo-montage was exhibited by French artist Jean-Pierre Sergent. Works from artists living abroad include abstract landscapes by Polish artist Ryszard Milek, and art on the subject of "Three States of Memory" by artists Suhail Jashanmal Jhangiani from SIndh, India, Chris Oricchio of the US, and Raul Rodriguez Allen of Salamanca, Spain. Bulgarian artists Lidia Assenova, Boiko Dimitrov, Lucien Dimitrov, Nikolai Marinova, Pancho Malenzanov, and Stoimen Stoilov. Artists from India: Ebeneezer Sunder Singh, Sharmila Mohandas, and Rashmi Talpade. From South Korea: Byuck Song Lee.


Notable regional artists have displayed such works as: the reverse-glass seascapes of elder painter Milton Bond; Algerian tribal family and desert cityscape scenes by Fethi Meghelli; a photographic version of "La Pieta" by UCONN art professor Roger Crossgrove; the "Maximalist" murals of renowned "Outsider Artist" Maurice Hansen; jeweled Byzantine icons by Wendy Gell; and mythical figures sculpted of hammered lead by Dana Naumann. Winfred Rembert’s memoir paintings of the black South, hand-carved on sheets of leather, which were featured in 1998, are also currently on exhibit at the Yale Art Gallery. In September 2000, the gallery displayed large wood carvings of familiar objects, and political satires done as lithographs printed from carved slate blackboards, done by elder artist William Kent.

Artists and specific artwork are selected at the discretion of the art director. Each exhibition runs five weeks, and bookings are arranged eight months in advance. Publicity and art gallery listings are distributed to all regional newspapers, electronic media, the InterNet, and art periodicals. Meetings are arranged with regional art critics in order to promote exhibition awareness. Artists interested in the exhibition space are invited to contact the art director at any time. Community groups sponsoring art are also encouraged to utilize the space, which has a high public visibility.

Many types of visual art have been featured within the modest space of the movie theatre lobby, such as oil, gouache, and acrylic paintings; etching and monotype prints; watercolors; many varieties of photography; and wall-mounted assemblages, and occasionally free-standing sculpture. Click for space dimensions.



Johnes Ruta has worked with artists from all over the world. Since 2005, he has been the Art Director of the New Haven Free Public Library, in downtown New HAven, CT, USA. From 1988 until it closed its doors in 2005, he was the Gallery Curator of the York Square Cinema, and has served as an art consultant for the Madison Art Cinemas, Playhouse-on-the-Green in downtown Bridgeport, Good News Cafe' in Woodbury, and the Church Gallery in North Branford. He's collaborated with Walter Wickiser Gallery, 568 Broadway, NYC, Gregory Gallery, E. 57th Street, NYC; and with such past New Haven galleries as Art In Heaven, Immortality, Windows Gallery, and The Chris Butler Group. In the 1970’s, he was Managing Editor of The Entertainer, an arts newspaper published in Fairfield County. In 1989-1991, he was Secretary of The New Haven Artists' Coalition; later Program Committee Co-Chair of the "New England Artists’ Congress 1999," and is presently on the planning committee of Projects for a New Millennium.

Ruta is an experienced Business Analyst, and a freelance Database & Web designer, also working in business partnerships with Terrell & Dana Naumann of Guiliana Colleczione (Branford, CT), former NYC fashion jewelry designer Wendy Gell (Ashland, OR), and systems inventor Ray Coutant of Harbor Loft Technologies, Inc. (Galena, MD).

He is also a researcher of allegorical symbolism and a theorist on the evolution of art, science, and creativity, and periodically sponsors forums on architectural, philosophical and scientific history.

"My goal in my public work is to develop a visual vocabulary which reflects the positive criteria of creative originality and culture, technical and aesthetic qualities, and the inherent depth of forms and themes."

"As an independent curator, I do whatever I can to bring about greater cultural exchange, awareness, and acceptance of the arts. My dream is to apply the experience of my travels to art museums and galleries around the US and Europe, as well as my studies, to create an international center for the arts in New Haven, which could offer programs in art history and appreciation, and bring artists’ work from abroad to Connecticut, and from which local artists could see their work exported to foreign venues and recognition."

"The historical parallel between science and creative culture is a continuing evolution. I support the avant garde and non-linear expressions in contemporary art, but remain fascinated by the recurrent themes found especially in periods of technological or intellectual transition -- such as the parallels of Classical and Renaissance advances in astronomy, medicine, and transportation, with those in music, the visual arts, and philosophy. -- After the example of my namesake, the Roman Janus, I try to look into the distant future to see the eventualities of the inner human psyche; and into the past, through which a Light-Stream of creative expressions has illuminated a path of human survival, thought, and dignity -- against decay, and intolerance." "