Light: Observations and Response

Saturday, April 1st, 4 to 6 PM

Exhibition: March 28 - April 30, 2017

Curated by: Johnes Ruta

Lyric Hall
827 Whalley Avenue
New Haven, CT 06515


Sarah Warda "Telaviv Nocturne" acrylic on canvas 18" x 20"

Sarah Warda

Sarah Warda is a Connecticut artist. She studied with Harvey Dinnerstein at the Art Students League in NYC, and in workshops with Aaron Shikler. She is a graduate of the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, where she studied with Deane G. Keller, Peter Zallinger, and Dan Gheno. She has also traveled extensively through France, Italy, and Spain, independently studying Master Works.

"My art is an expression of both my observations and an emotional spiritual response to the world around me," writes Ms. Warda. "When I paint, be it the human form or landscape, I am always striving to capture the “inner” life of my subject.Although my technique is deeply rooted in the traditional classical style as was my formal education, my approach to the subject begins on a very visceral level always seeking that which one cannot merely observe with the eye, but what lies beneath.

"Art, unlike today’s snapshot lifestyle, requires the viewer to take pause for more than 10 seconds. My goal is to draw the viewer in and perhaps evoke an emotional response.

"I hope that you the viewer stop for a while, to feel what I have shown you and draw something for yourself. As a classically trained artist my work has evolved to deal not only in in what one can see, but in the unseen force around us. I am equally interested in both the nature and “super” nature of my subject.

"It is important for me to capture more than the correct principle effects of light, shade, and color. I am concerned how these can be interpreted using intuition, emotion, and expression. If I had to find a term that would best characterize my work, I would say that I am a realistic expressionist." ~ Sara Warda


Sarah Warda "Harkness" oil on canvas 16" x 20"

Sarah Warda "Twilight" oil on canvas 18" x 32"

Sarah Warda's artwork most recently was in the 2016 Mayor Erin Stewart & New Britain Commission on the Arts exhibition, and many other exhibitions in recent years in Eastern Connecticut. She has won scholarships for painting from Carlton C.Wiggins, Robert M. Lynch, C.D. Batchelor, Wardlaw, and a 2001 Grant from the Urban Arts Initiative in partnership with the Connecticut Commission on the Arts. Her artwork is in many private and corporate collections.

Juan Andreu Lattore
Juan Luis Andreu holds a 2004 Ph. D. in Fine Arts from the University of Valencia, School of Fine Arts. Spain, where his thesis was "Integration and sculptural conception in the North American Architecture.Analysis of a plastic conjunction.” He also studied computer graphics, and earlier New Techniques in Bronze Casting Sculpture at Johnson Atelier of Princeton NJ, the University of Connecticut and the bronze foundry of Eduardo Capa in Arganda del Duero, Madrid, Spain, and Architectural Design, in the 1980s. Since Y2K, he has held simultaneous positions as Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Quinnipiac University and Housatonic Community College, and as Master of Restoration and Professor of Carving at the New England Carousel Museum in Bristol.

Juan-Andreu "HARBOUR" 20" X 16" acrylic on canvas


Juan-Andreu "NECM BACK RAMP" 24" x 20" acrylic on canvas
  Juan writes: "I am presently exploring the form of my paintings, and feeling connected to it in a consistent dialogue with light and volume.I have my own aesthetic norms and I walk my own path. I work in the impressionist manner in combination with my creative and learning processes, searching my expressive language from a variety of subjects ranging from landscapes to the human figure. I use often sculpture as support and inspiration. My painting themes are usually architectural constructions that illustrate the landscape by complementing each other. I deal with the complexities and the characteristics of the subjects that are an appealing part of the plastic language that relates form and environment. My goal is to give meaning to that integration."

Juan Andreu "TREE" 23" x 28" acrylic on canvas

Curated by Johnes Ruta,
for Lyric Hall 203-389-8885.